Cooking with Kids: Wilton Flower Power Cupcake Decorating Kit Review

Miss our cooking with kids posts?  Yeah--we do too!  Too many travel and family activities have kept us out of the kitchen!  We have been cooking out of necessity--but, not for a lot of fun!  Last week, the girls and I found some cute Wilton cupcake decorating kits at the grocery store and thought that we would give them a try.  They look like a fun for the kiddos--but, could also be a quick and easy tool for mom to use for the many school parties, teacher meals, and events for which she finds herself with baking responsibilities.  What was our review of the Wilton Flower Power Cupcake Decorating Kit?

The bar was set pretty high for these Wilton cupcake decorating kits. I bake a lot.  Yes, I am one of those moms.  The mom that spends hours decorating sugar cookie crowns or teapot shaped birthday cakes or creating a beach scene cake with gummy bears for a luau...yep...that's me.  I generally seek out cupcake liners, sprinkles, and toppers separately--and spend way too much time (and money) accomplishing my creations.  I rarely use all-in-one kits--I feel limited or feel that I’m forced to skimp on the d├ęcor with only the included items.  I generally love Wilton baking products--so how did I like the Flower Power Cupcake Decorating Kit?

The Flower Power Cupcake Kit included everything I needed.  Really.  It did.  The kit included regular, paper cupcake liners in a print that I could live with, cute little paper flower picks that matched and were literally cute...and enough sprinkles to actually, equally (and adequately) decorate 24 cupcakes--I just needed to add the cupcakes and frosting! Wilton makes quality products--and the colors, designs and styles on the kits are more than acceptable for convenience sake!

Let us show you how it works.  We were originally planning to use a standard cake mix--but decided to create an Oreo surprise by turning the cupcakes into TripleChocolate Oreo Cupcakes  and then frosting with plain buttercream frosting and decorating with the Wilton flower cupcake decorating kit.

That simple.


Wilton offers lots of cupcake decorating kit styles.  We chose the Flower Power Cupcake Decorating Kit--along with a Butterfly Cupcake Decorating Kit since we weren’t sure what we would use them for at the time!

I wish I had found the Ladybug cupcake decorating kit for my youngest's 5th birthday....

Have a monster lover?  I think we all do right now--and these are just too cute!
Would I recommend the Wilton Flower Power Cupcake decorating kit?  Yes.  It’s a simple, fun kit that creates cupcakes that I would certainly send off to school events and parties in a pinch. And--the younger girls can make these by themselves for teacher appreciation events or school parties without a lot of help from mom!  Priced at around $6 (US)--you'll be hard pressed to put together themed cupcakes (at the last minute!) for less!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post.  We simply found a product that worked for us and we wanted to share!

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  1. These are so cute! The colors are adorable and they are perfect for cupcake liners without having to scrub the pan or having to continue to buy them. They are well priced and well made. The only downside to them for me would be they are a little small otherwise perfect for our needs and so happy I bought them at …..



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