Last Minute Picnic with Kroger Deli Fried Chicken and Side Dishes

Most weekends find us out and about at mealtimes.  We frequently pack up a picnic for either tailgating or enjoying nature during a hike or outing.  The girls love eating outdoors, and we love spending time with them.  Usually, I plan our picnic with homemade dishes.  Yet, sometimes we need quick, last minute picnic fare without a lot of fuss or prep work.  Last weekend, I received coupons to sample a quick family meal from Kroger.  Since we were spending Saturday afternoon at a local park and needed a picnic lunch; a quick trip through our local Kroger deli was in order for a last minute picnic with Kroger deli fried chicken and store side dishes.

We’ve enjoyed Kroger Deli Fried Chicken for a long time.  Kroger deli fried chicken is one of my youngest daughter’s favorite foods.  She will actually write it onto my grocery lists. We have never gotten a poorly cooked or less than fresh batch of fried chicken—and we used to buy it at least once a month.  Usually our store has 8 piece packages ready to go in the deli hot case between the hours of 11 and 7—they were pretty busy when we visited on Saturday and packages were not ready to go, but there was a case of freshly cooked chicken ready to be packaged for us.

Side dishes are picnic ready at Kroger.  I had a coupon for Kroger brand Kettle-cooked chips—but became a little distracted by the deli salad selection.  I had already packed veggies, Kroger Private Selection spinach dip and fresh berries—so we finally opted for Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper kettle cooked chips instead.  There were; however, several gourmet deli salads in the deli case (especially the Greek pasta salad) that I will likely try for our next cookout!

We rarely drink soda—the girls never drink it—so we packed along a lot of water bottles.  For those seeking to add drinks without exploring the entire store, many Kroger deli aisles offer bottles of Coca Cola and other soda nearby for easy drink selection.

Kroger lets you build a last minute picnic in minutes.  We were off to Three Creeks Metro Park near Columbus in less than 10 minutes with lunch ready to pack into the picnic basket.  The girls enjoyed chicken legs (which were a hit) and spicy, black pepper and sea salt chips--which they loved dipped in ranch dip--and deer watching from a picnic table in the park.  Their dad and I enjoyed the convenience of a ready-made meal that we knew would taste great and a stress free afternoon adventure.

Disclosure:  I received coupons for discounted or complimentary items for use in this review via BzzAgent.  All opinions are my own.

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