Revolt Fitness June Uprising Recap

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve given a progress update on the Revolt Fitness diet and exercise plan that we are reviewing.  It’s not because we gave up on the diet and exercise plan--it’s because life took priority over the blog and we are finally getting the months of May and June behind us!  How did the Revolt Fitness diet and exercise plan work for us during our busiest, craziest, travel filled months of the year?

Diet and exercise during travel take commitment--and planning.  During the months of May and June, we were home only two weekends--and hosted a graduation party during one “home stay”.  We were in three states, seven cities and weekly hotels for six weeks!  The structure of Revolt Fitness made it easy to preplan and prepare our meals ahead of time--we just needed to be sure to book hotels with refrigerator/freezer/kitchen areas so that we could pack along a cooler loaded with our meals--and a workout room so that we could have access to weights, stability balls and exercise equipment without packing them along. 

There were only two days during May and June when we were forced to stray from the diet plan--and during both of those days, we were able to track down foods very similar to the diet meals at local restaurants.   I won’t say it was easy to turn away pizza or donuts from food vendors--or to force ourselves to complete a workout after a twelve hour day--but, we did it.  And I doubt that I wouldn’t have done it if all of the diet and exercise planning had fallen on my shoulders--that’s where my past diet plans have failed.  I get too busy, become overwhelmed and my own needs (diet and exercise) are the first things I cut from my to-do list.  Having my Revolt Fitness meals calculated and planned--and an exercise routine ready left me little room for excuses.

What are our weight loss totals on the Revolt Fitness plan?  My husband is experiencing a little plateau--but, he’s lost nearly 30 pounds since we began the Revolt Fitness program in April!  My weight loss on the scale has sort of dropped off and is fluctuating between 13 and 15 pounds.  I will admit that the homefront has been a little stressed with a number of changes and too many activities--and I have failed to drink enough water daily….and sleep has been a bit elusive….and we went a little crazy on a couple of “free” diet days (fried chicken, Italian restaurant ravioli, processed black n’ bleu burgers, graduation cake, etc.).   Even with only around 15 pounds lost--I have gone down a full pant size (and I was a little overstuffed into the previous pant size if you know what I mean!) and last year’s swimsuit is a little too big.  Most importantly to me--during six weeks of restaurant filled travel and events--I didn't gain weight and I didn't get discouraged enough to lose sight of my weight loss goals.

Revolt Fitness has encouraged a family lifestyle change.  I’ve said it before--but, committing to the Revolt Fitness plan has given my family so much more than dropping pant sizes.  We have more energy, we have more confidence, we have a greater understanding (and appreciation) of our health--and the impact of diet and exercise.  Our daughters are gradually (willingly) changing their own eating habits (choosing fresh fruits and vegetables over processed snacks, considering the value of food choices, drinking more water) and participating in core exercises with us--and having a fun doing it.  Changing our lifestyle at our age is difficult so promoting healthy habits in our daughters while they are young is currently my favorite take away from the Revolt Fitness plan.  

Disclosure:  I am a Revolt Fitness Blogger and receive free access to the program during my review period.  I am currently participating in both the diet and exercise plan as described and all results, opinions, observations, etc. are my own.  If you would like to join Revolt Fitness, please consider using my Revolt Fitness affiliate link.  

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