Book Review: The Omni Diet by Tana Amen

For the past few months in our little corner of the world, we have been taking a much closer look at our diet, exercise, and general health habits.  While, as a family, we are fairly active and eat healthier than many people we know--there was obvious room for improvement.  I received the opportunity to read and review The Omni Diet from Tana Amen. It was the perfect opportunity to learn more about food and health.  What do I think of The Omni Diet?

The Omni Diet is not just another diet book.  The Omni Diet by Tana Amen addresses dieting for health--not weight loss.  When the body has the correct balance of nutrients, calories, healthy exercise--it functions as nature intended:  at a healthy weight and in healthy balance.  The Omni Diet is not a weight loss program--it’s a healthy diet management program.  

The Omni Diet is not a fad diet--but, a lifestyle overhaul.  My husband once joked that our health and wellness plan did not need a tune up--it needed a complete overhaul.  I suspect that we are not alone in that!  I have tried vegetarian diets.  I have tried high protein diets.  I have tried diet pills.  I have counted points.  I have counted calories.  I have eaten “diet cookies”.  

I almost chose not to read The Omni Diet because I had lost faith in the word “diet”.    Then I remembered that our “diet” is a meal plan--not a weight loss program.  With everyone “dieting” so much--I had lost sight of the actual meaning of the word!   

If the diet that we eat is a healthy one, we lose weight and are able to maintain the weight loss--and enjoy better health.   The Omni Diet does not promise huge weight loss--it suggests up to 12 pounds in two weeks.  Instead, it offers the tools to change unhealthy diet and exercise habits.

 The Omni Diet is a well written, practical, informative food resource.  Tana Amen explains the science behind food and nutrition clearly and simply--and discusses food’s role in inflammation and disease in an easy to read fashion.  Amen is a registered nurse and a nutritionist--but, she also experienced the effects of her own diet on her health.  She discusses real world, medical lab results--and improvements after living life on The Omni Diet--not just numbers on the scale.  The Omni Diet teaches you to change your diet habits in a sustainable way for life, not as a temporary fad.

Would I recommend The Omni Diet?  If you are ready to end the yo-yo, fad diet cycle--I think The Omni Diet is a fabulous place to begin your lifestyle change.   The principles of The Omni Diet make sense.  It incorporates primarily plant based foods along with healthy proteins--and encourages readers to learn WHY such a diet is beneficial.  So many of us have learned so many poor food habits over the years!  In order to motivate us to change habits, we need to understand why our current habits are harmful for us--and Amen does a wonderful job explaining the sad realities of most of our current diets--and the long term benefits of The Omni Diet.

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Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary copy of The Omni Diet for use in this review.  I was not asked to provide a positive review--just an honest one.

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