Young Adult Book Review: The Keeper and the Rune Stone by Paige W. Pendleton

What is your family reading this summer?  My middle daughter adores mystical, magical, fantasy stories--and has read a list of them already this summer.  When I received a free copy of The Keeper and the Rune Stone to review, I knew that it would be a wonderful opportunity for me to share a book with her.  How did The Keeper and the Rune Stone stand up to review her in A Mama's Corner of the World? 

A Quick Summary of The Keeper and the Rune Stone. This book is the first book of Paige W. Pendleton's Black Ledge Series.  Pendleton sets the series in Maine--and builds upon the mysteries of the Red Paint People. Four children move into Black Ledge, a coastal, Maine estate and find themselves involved in a tale of mystical magic and mystery.  The story began centuries earlier when a group of Elves performed a ritual that went terribly wrong--leaving them as vampires.  To maintain peace with their surroundings, an annual ritual must be performed during the Summer Solstice--but, a key element of the ritual--The Rune Stone--has gone missing and must be found.  

The Keeper and the Rune Stone is a well written tale of magic and mystery. While my daughter loved the mystical mystery--I focused on the characters and the setting.  Pendleton does a wonderful job creating interesting characters and creating a detailed setting.  The story moves along wonderfully, with just enough action and surprises to keep the reader interested and engaged.  Although this is the first book of the series, readers are not left with a host of loose ends or missing pieces--but, will still want to dive into the next book of the series.

Would I recommend The Keeper and the Rune Stone This was the perfect book to read as a mother/daughter activity this summer.  My daughter loves this genre and was very pleased with the book.  I think it would be especially appealing to upper elementary/middle school age groups--but, there is certainly enough quality writing to pull in older teens and adults as well.  We are looking forward to reading the next book of the series, The Keeper and the Alabaster Chalice.

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The secrets of the Red Paint People have haunted Maine for 7000 years. Paige W. Pendleton is busy writing those tales.

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  1. Super review! I am so glad you both enjoyed The Keeper and the Rune Stone!

    A Tuesday Treat, it's #Free today!

    Thanks again.

    Best, Paige



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