Book Review: Going Virtual Part 1 and Part 2 by Todd Miller

Going Virtual is the dream of many office employees--but, is it a realistic dream?  Are traditional office environments a thing of the past?  As a small business owner, with an almost-virtual business model, I was excited to review the Going Virtual book series by Todd Miller. 

Quick Summaries of Going Virtual:  Parts One and Two
What would happen if every office building was replaced by lush, green trees--and a work force producing at twice the current capacity?  Silicon Valley gauges innovation by its level of disruption--it seems that going virtual has quite the capacity for disruptive innovation!  

Part One of Todd Miller's Going Virtual takes a look at the many reasons why modern office environments are obsolete and why entrepreneurs should consider virtual endeavors.  Once Miller teaches readers why Going Virtual is the way of the future in Part One of the two-part series, he teaches readers how to go virtual in Part Two.

The Going Virtual series takes a factual look at virtual business models.  We have all read the happy-go-lucky-ditch-the-office guides to telecommuting and virtual offices--but, Miller approaches Going Virtual from a pure, business standpoint--not an emotional one.  While employee happiness figures in--it's a small factor to the real "facts and figures" side of the equation. Miller offers valid statistics and personal experiences in both Parts 1 and 2 as he prepares the basis for virtual companies and explains the nuts and bolts of building a virtual business.

Going Virtual Part Two addresses the real-world situations that virtual companies encounter.  Not only does Miller look at the various problems and concerns of operating a virtual business--but, he offers some really valuable insights and tips via his own personal experiences as a virtual business owner.

Would I recommend Going Virtual Parts 1 and 2 by Todd Miller?  Yes.  Even small businesses or freelancers seeking to exist virtually will benefit from the just-the-facts style approach of this series.  While both books are loaded with numbers and statistics, the presentation remains easy to understand and offers many valuable resources and insights for those entrepreneurs considering the building of a virtual company.

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Author Bio:

Serial entrepreneur and author Todd Miller is CEO and Founder of, maker of the award-winning series of gwabbit contact capture and cloud products. Declared a "Head-slappingly simple solution to a grating problem" by BusinessWeek, gwabbit has received numerous awards and accolades. Prior to gwabbit, Miller was CEO and founder of WebFeat, (sold to ProQuest in 2008). WebFeat is one of the world’s first successful global 100% virtual companies, and Miller is considered a pioneer in the field. Prior to WebFeat, Miller was President of Knight Ridder Information’s SourceOne subsidiary. Early in his career, Miller was responsible for the launch and rapid growth of the hugely successful InfoTrac search system at Ziff-Davis’ IAC subsidiary (acquired by Thomson-Reuters). 

Miller is a contributor to The Huffington Post and The San Francisco Chronicle. Interviews include Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson, EU advisor and economist Jeremy Rifkin, Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley, Emmy and Peabody award-winning astrophysicist Brian Greene, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Miller holds four patents in the field of search technology. He has received awards from the Gartner Group, Reed Publishing, CES, The DEMO Conference, and others. Miller has been a featured speaker on IBM's eBusiness Tour and was featured in IBM's "Success Stories" campaign.

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