Book Review: The Artificial Mirage by T. Warwick

I recently had the opportunity to review The Artificial Mirage by T. Warwick.  Intrigued by the science fiction/futuristic plot--and curious to watch the love story would play out--I had to devote a few nights to reading this book!  What did I think of the Artificial Mirage?

Note:  I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in this review.  I may also receive slight commissions on sales made through affiliate links.
Quick Summary of The Artificial Mirage The Artificial Mirage details a relentless pursuit from Vietnam to Saudi Arabia in which augmented reality distorts the nature of attachment and desire. In a world where augmented reality blurs the line between the real and the computer generated, Charlie cherishes the reality of Lauren.... His life as a young American banker in Vietnam seems idyllic until a series of events precipitate her disappearance. When her trail leads to Saudi Arabia, he must navigate a criminal underworld. The stakes grow higher as it becomes apparent that reality isn’t what it once was.

The Artificial Mirage serves up dramatic, futuristic, information overload.  The first few chapters were a bit confusing as the author introduced a lot of fast paced details, technical terms, and glimpses of the blurred realities that would complicate Charlie's days--but, I think the detail and rapid pace of the story were necessary for the reader to actually get a feel for the futuristic setting.  I felt that Charlie was caught in a state of sensory overload at every turn and T. Warwick did a wonderful job relaying that feeling to the reader through flashes of vivid detail.

Would I recommend The Artificial Mirage I think futuristic, sci-fi fans would enjoy this book.  At first, I found myself a little bogged down with terms and an unfamiliar setting as I read the first few chapters--and it took me a few chapters to fall in line with the author's writing style.  T. Warwick provides a lot of vivid detail and it required a little more focus than my typical light reads!  Once I settled into the book, I found that I really enjoyed it. 

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