Guest Post: Remodel your bedroom with a cool wall covering

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Guest Post
I took one look at my brother’s bachelor pad in Miami and told him that those college posters no longer count as a classy wall covering. I said Todd, “You have to remodel your bedroom”. When in reality, to be honest he needed to remodel his entire apartment.

You see my younger brother has just graduated college and this is officially his first apartment here in Miami. I was very excited to learn that upon graduation from college that his new marketing job would land him in the same city as his big brother. It’s always nice to have family around. Who am I kidding my parents are only up in Pensacola. Never the less it’s cool to have the recent college grad in the same town. It is not cool however to decorate your new “young professional” apartment like your college apartment.

This bad decorating would especially bode true if you plan on swooning any of these South Florida ladies. So I got my wife who is an amateur ineterior decorator on the th case. She took my credit card without my knowledge and got the younger brother’s apartment looking pretty suave on a very small budget. Now his place reflects a graduate instead of a fraternity guy.

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