Labor Day Cookout Recipe Ideas

I'm not sure when summer slipped away--but, it's already Labor Day weekend and I waited until the last minute to plan our annual cookout menu!  I thought this would be the perfect morning for me to rummage through some of my favorite recipes from the last few years, share some of my top picks for Labor Day cookout recipes and plan my own menu all at the same time!

Labor Day Cookout Appetizer Ideas

This is my fastest, easiest, potluck salad recipe--and always a guest on my cookout menus!

These are the perfect, healthy offering for a gathering.  Even the kids can skewer these kabobs onto pretzel sticks for dipping.

This recipe is a Greek themed take on the chilled cream cheese/ranch dressing/carrots/celery/crescent roll crust appetizers that our moms have made for years.  

Veggies with Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip
This Greek yogurt vegetable dip is a healthier alternative to mayo or sour cream based dips.

Labor Day Main Dish Ideas  

We love to serve a variety of seasoned mini burgers--it lets guest try new flavors without committing to one large burger!

These are my favorite meatless "burgers" for cookouts!

I always try to serve a chicken option when we host a cookout--and this one is one of my favorites!

Labor Day Dessert Recipe Ideas  

Quick, easy, bite sized dessert options are always a hit at our cookouts.

These are easy to prepare--and easy to serve--making them perfect Labor Day cookout desserts!

Cookies are easy to prepare and store long before a cookout--and they don't require plates and cutlery for eating!

I will add some grilled corn on the cob--and our Labor Day Menu will be set! Now I just need to go shopping and start cooking!

Enjoy your holiday!

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