Easy Loaded Nacho Recipe

Loaded Nachos are a family favorite.  We warm the tortilla chips, prepare the nacho meat, and set up a topping “bar” loaded with veggies, cheese and dips--and it’s a fun way to serve nachos.  This recipe makes a perfect #MexcianMonday dinner, it’s a great way to get the kids cooking--and it’s a wonderful way to suit a variety of tastes since each loaded nacho builder creates their own plate of nachos!  We often sub crumbled tofu for the meat and make it a meatless meal.

Note:  We received free samples of both the Old El Paso Cooking Sauce and the El Restaurante Tortilla Chips for use in recipes and reviews.  We may also receive slight commissions from affiliate linking within our posts--but, we only link to items that we recommend for a recipe or post.

Ingredients for Loaded Nachos
1 Pound Ground Beef, Ground Turkey or Crumbled Tofu
1 Pouch Old El Paso Chile and Roasted Garlic Cooking Sauce
1 Bag EL RESTAURANTE®Authentic Tortilla Chips, warmed

Diced Tomatoes, Shredded Lettuce, Sliced Black Olives, Warmed Black Beans, Warmed Refried Beans, Green Chiles, Chopped Onion, Jalapeno Slices, Shredded Cheddar or Monterey Jack Cheese, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Salsa

Instructions for Loaded Nachos
Cook the Meat or Tofu.  Brown the meat in a skillet, drain away fat, and add the Old El Paso Cooking Sauce.  Simmer according to cooking sauce package instructions.  If using tofu, simply drain it and crumble it into a skillet and allow it to simmer in cooking sauce.  Sometimes I prepare both ground meat--and tofu.  I just use a pouch of cooking sauce in each skillet.

Set up Topping Bar.  We set out all of the toppings in easily accessible bowls.

Warm the Tortilla Chips.  Warm the tortilla chips in the oven according to bag instructions--or at 350F for about 10 minutes.

Build the Loaded Nachos.  Add about two handfuls of tortilla chips to each plate--and top with ¼ of the prepared meat.  Allow everyone to layer beans and favorite toppings onto the nachos.

We love to serve these at football parties--it’s a great party food for both our meat loving and our vegetarian guests--and even our finicky, little ones are able to pick and choose favorite toppings to build their nacho plates.

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