Book Review: The School of Ministry (The Windgate) by Braxton A. Cosby

I love a great good vs. evil battle--and The School of Ministry promised to be just that:  a suspenseful journey guided by main character, Ziv's moral compass.  How did The School of Ministry stand up to review here in our little corner of the world?

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Excerpt from The School of Ministry:  The Windgate.
I'm helpless as she continues to struggle for air. Then, an image flickers from the corner of my eye as a side door opens and Maxwell walks out, holding a staff of his own. 

"Maxwell," I plead. "It's Miss Evans. Please help her!" 

He shakes his head and lifts his staff in his hands, twirling it in a circle as he begins to slowly walk sideways, circling me like a predator, encasing me in a hedge of danger. 

"Hold your ground. Make a choice: fight or flight," Maxwell bellows. 

Miss Evans' banging on the glass behind me blends with the pounding of my heart. I lift my staff and spread my feet, turning my attention to Maxwell. As much as I'm afraid for my own safety, I find it impossible not to focus on Miss Evans. Her muffled scream comes from the tank and I look away from Maxwell to check on her. Her hands clutch her neck. Her face is bright red with a tinge of blue around her lips. 

"No," I scream, stepping back away from the tank. Raising my staff above my head, I crank back and rip it down, slamming it into the side of the tank, as I yell. The water explodes from the crack in the tank and glass shards crash to the floor below. I swing once more and this time the entire tank shatters, launching Miss Evans into the air toward me. I catch her in my arms and the force of the water propels us backward onto the floor. She coughs, gasping for air. I hold her in my arms and caress her head. Her sobbing brittles me and I'm relieved to see her skin color returning to its natural tanned shade. 

We're here, an odd place, an unfamiliar place. But as I hold her delicately in my arms, it makes me feel like I'm heading back home. Not the place where I live now, but the place where I used to live, when mom and dad were still alive. The way she rests in my arms beckons me to a time when I used to hold my kitten, Priceless. She'd climb into my lap during the thunder storms. I was her comforter. Priceless would purr when I did it. 

And now, so many years later, I find myself feeling the same way as I hold Miss Evans. Her soft body pressing into my skin—warming me—calls me to hug her even closer with each passing second. The times when I needed someone to hold me reflect in my mind like a mirror as I stare at her. Her chest rises as her heart beat quickens, mixing evenly with her breaths. As warmth returns to her body, a subtle tremor comes over her; like a purr. I can't resist. I have to do it. I must do it. I hug deeply, ignoring the senseless urge to pull away. 

"Bravo!" praises Maxwell, exiting the room as the lights come back on. 

Miss Evans resting in my arms and I comfort her, caressing her hair. She finally looks up at me and mouths, "Thank you." 

"You're welcome. Are you all right?" I ask. "Yes…better now," she replies. "How did you get in there?" I ask. 

"I don't know. Um, if you don't mind me asking, who are you?" 

"What? It's Ziv of course. Miss Evans, are you feeling all right?" 

"Miss Evans?" she asks with a puzzled look on her face. "Did you say your name was Ziv?"  

The School of Ministry is a wonderfully written spiritual adventure--with Christian themes.  While the basis of this book surrounds an often written about "secret society" and a mission requiring strong faith--Christianity is not required to enjoy it.  While it certainly has a Christian theme, readers are not pummeled with Christianity--but, spiritualism instead.  

Push through the slow spots--there is a reward.  I struggled through some of the early sections as the story developed.  Cosby creates strong characters and has a wonderful story to tell (and does so effectively and at a fast pace once the story starts moving. 

Would I recommend The School of Ministry by Braxton A. Cosby?  This book is a well written tale of good vs. evil as a young man comes to grips with his life's purpose.  There is action, adventure, supernatural and Christian themes pulling the readers into Ziv's world.  It is a great read that requires a little patience early on--but, I think it's a great story for young adult through adults to enjoy.

What are others saying about The School of Ministry by Braxton A. Cosby?
"A fast-paced adventure featuring a secret society on a divine mission...a satisfying read: The characters steadily develop, goodness prevails, and there's even a touch of romantic intrigue. Gripping, action-packed." ---- Kirkus Review  

"A memorable, unpredictable journey of hope, identity and courage. The Cosby gift of storytelling lives on in this page turning adventure." ---- Bill Cosby, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Comedian, Philanthropist
"Braxton Cosby delivers a thrill ride of suspense, fantasy, drama and fun in The School of Ministry. An unrequieted love story beats at the center of Ziv's journey to find peace, purpose and faith. You'll root for him as he claims his life and future in this wholly inventive and original novel with a message for all. I loved it." ---- Adriana Trigiani, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Shoemaker's Wife  

Winner of The Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Book of the Year Award for Young Adult - General 

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Meet the Author:

Multi-Award-Wining Author Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer who evolved from concepts on pen and paper to pixels and keyboards. He tells stories that evoke emotions and stimulate thought. Protostar: Book 1 The Star-Crossed Saga and The School of Ministry: The Windgate are currently two Young Adult series he created. Braxton lives in Georgia with his wife, three children and a troop of crazy African Cichlids.

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