October Wordless Wednesday Link-Up #1: Morning Favorites

Some days, I feel like there are just not enough hours in the day!  while I would love to say that I always pause to enjoy the beauty around me--I must admit that I spend way too much time in a hurry to get things done.....luckily, I have a seven year old who does take the time to appreciate the world around her--and she often slows me down just enough that I can too!  I thought I would share her latest, favorite photos in our first Wordless Wednesday link-up for October.

Good Morning, Sunrise...
Morning Sunrise from A Mama's Corner of the World

We caught this photo a week or so ago...she suggested that I look at it whenever I'm stressed and remember how quiet it was that morning...

Mister Max....the poster boy of relaxed and rested...

We always seem to have a shot of the Mister snoozing...or, rather, interrupted during a snooze.  Sometimes it's tough to work with him snoring in the background!

Spring....or Fall?

Littlest One noticed that this tree in the side yard that we had written off for dead is...blooming?  While the blooms are pretty, I have to sort of wonder what tree blooms in October in Ohio?

Now it's your turn to share what's new and wordless from your own little corner of the world!

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  1. I though only my husband was distracting when he snores, how funny that Mister does.
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  2. Wonderful shots. The colours of the sunrise are so beautiful. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Great sunrise shot and super cute puppy!

  4. Love your photos, such a cute dog. Just found you through The Jenny Evolution Wordless Wednesday.

  5. Happy to be part of your first WW linkup!!

  6. How lovely to have a sweet soul to remind you to look at the beauty around you!

  7. What kind of dog is Mister? I'm guessing some sort of hound? I have a beagle/treeing walker coon hound mix. Her name is Nellie. She's a snoozer too and snores. I take naps with her but my daughter sleeps with her and is often woken by the snoring.



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