October Wordless Wednesday Link Up #2: Pittsburgh Halloween Feis Fun

Irish dance rules about 11 months of our year with practices, competitions, and performances.  The girls (and their Dad and I) love the activity--the girls have learned a lot about our family's Irish/Scottish heritage, and dance has helped them both develop a lot of self discipline and confidence.  It's always so much fun to watch our daughters dance on stage--both for judge's scores and for performances.  Even after four years--while they rarely seem nervous at all, I still get painfully nervous for them!  Last weekend found us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the annual Pittsburgh Halloween Feis.  This feis (Irish dance competition) is a little different in that the girls are allowed to wear Halloween costumes instead of dance school dresses or solo dresses.  For this week's Wordless Wednesday link-up, I thought I would share a few pictures of the girls in costume from the weekend!  Enjoy--and please do add your own favorite images from your latest Wordless Wednesday posts in our weekly link-up!

All Dressed Up and Ready to Dance
Madelyn's costume was actually a butterfly--but, we opted to skip the wings for the stage--so she became a forest fairy.  Miss Macy was a candy corn witch.

It was actually a short day by feis standards--both girls finished dancing early and we were able to grab lunch while waiting for results.

And the results?
Macy earned medals in all four dances...a 2nd, a 4th, and 2 6th place wins..

The 2nd place medal (at Macy's level) qualifies her for the 2014 Oireachtas  in that dance--but, she still needs to earn 1, 2,or 3 in her other three dances in order to attend.

Miss Madelyn earned medals in all three of her dances....a 4th and 2 6th place wins for her.

Madelyn's goal is to earn an official school dress, or novice dress.  To do that, she'll need fairly consistent 1, 2, 3 placements in six total dances (the 3 soft shoe dances in which she currently competes) and three hard shoe dances that she is currently learning.  She has a long way to go--but, loves adding medals to her bedroom medal rack!

Now it's your turn to share the images that left you without words this week! 

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  1. That is wonderful, congratulations, its always nice for them to accomplish!!

  2. Aww! congratulations and cute photos ;-)

  3. Congrats! Getting medals is always a motivator to keep at it!

  4. They are adorable! Congratulations on getting the medals.

  5. Absolutely adorable!! Congrats to them!

  6. I love their costumes — so whimsical!

    Good for them for sticking with it. It sounds like a really hard skill to master!

  7. cute they are! sweet girls and sweet pics.



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