5 Adorable and Affordable Flower Girl Dresses for Toddlers

Planning a wedding with a toddler-sized flower girl?  While toddlers are sometimes a bit unpredictable on the wedding aisle--they are almost always upstaged only by the bride.  We put together a few of our favorite flower girl dresses for toddlers from Dress First that are both adorable--and affordable.

This post is brought to you by, all opinions are my own.  Each of these dresses is available as small as a size 2--and all are under $140....some even under $100.

Organza Satin Flower Girl Dress With Ruffle Sash & Flowers 

What do I like about this flower girl dress for toddlers?  Toddlers and floor length dresses are not an ideal match in my opinion.  The colors of the flowers and sash may be matched to the wedding party colors--or the dress color may be changed entirely.  It is also knee length.  Just be sure to measure accurately--since knee length on every toddler is a little different!  

Tea-Length Satin Tulle Flower Girl Dress With Flowers

What do I like about this flower girl dress?  It is so simple--and would be so cute on a little girl!  The dress can be customized to color match the bridal party--although, I love it in white!  It's also tea length, so there isn't quite the tripping hazard risk.

Short/Mini Satin Tulle Flower Girl Dress With Lace 

This dress is less traditional--but, would be so cute and fun on a toddler sized flower girl!  Both the bodice and the tulle skirt may be color customized and there are not any beading or flower distractions for little fingers.

Taffeta Flower Girl Dress With Ruffle Sash 

I love toddler dresses with a little "poof" to the skirts!  This flower girl dress is simple and beautiful with a fuller, knee length skirt and can be color customized to the wedding party.

Satin Flower Girl Dress With Sash


I love this simple, elegant satin flower girl dress!  It is short--an almost "mini" length without beads, or lacy frills.  Customize the bow color and it is beautiful.

Planning a wedding is so much fun--and choosing just the right dresses for each and every member of the wedding party is a large part of the day! There are so many options available now for even the youngest members of the bridal party to help create the perfect wedding day.   

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