First 2014 Wordless Wednesday Link Up: North Market Lunch Date

The girls are spending a few days of their holiday break with Grandma and Grandpa--so we decided to venture out for a lunch date to one of my favorite places:  North Market in Columbus, Ohio.  We take the girls there a few times a year--but, usually find ourselves rushing between other downtown activities and rarely take the time to wander through the vendors and explore.  It's a great outing for everyone in the family to sample something new and different with vendors selling a variety of ethnic foods under one busy, customer filled roof--and, of course, there is also pizza and New York Deli style style sandwiches and too many dessert options to name.

Wandering the Market...
Half the fun of North Market is wandering the marketplace.  The sights, sounds and smells make decisions difficult!

We had to have a Bavarian Pretzel from Brezel--we chose an Everything Pretzel--loaded with spices and flavor as we explored.

 And for lunch?
We opted to share a Meat Taster Sampler plate from Flavors of India

Two meat selections (we chose a chicken curry and chicken korma) and four vegetable selections....peas and carrots, an okra dish, cabbage and onions, and vegetable korma over a bed of white rice.  While it wasn't very "photogenic"--it was yummy!

Narrowed the choices to an Omega Cake

Ice cream from Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

It was a nice afternoon break!  While the Omega cake won this time--Jeni's is always first on the girls' list....and they won't be very happy when they realize that we didn't get a pint of ice cream to go!

Ready to share your latest Wordless Wednesday adventures? 

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  1. It looks like there's lots of great food there. We have a place kind of similar here in Boston called Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall, but it's always so darn crowded that it's almost not worth it lol.

  2. All that lovely food :-)

    Have a very Happy New Year & all the best for 2014 ;-)


  4. We don't get the pretzels like that here in Perth, Western Australia. I'm super keen to try one.

  5. All this food makes me hungry! Great pictures!

  6. Looks like a wonderful place to spend some time and those Omega cakes are making me hungry!! They sound awesome!

  7. Okay, my stomach is growling! Happy New Year! May 2014 be a good one!

  8. How nice that you were able to have some time to yourselves. Food looks delicious. Happy 2014

  9. These photos make me hungry! Hope you have a happy 2014!

  10. WOW does this look like fun!! My husband and I had to go to the mall last week and also made a "date" of it by stopping for an enjoyable lunch! It was such a nice break from all the busyness of the Christmas season. Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday … this is my first time joining you :-)

  11. Looks like a fun place to be.

  12. Looks yummy!:) Happy New Year!

  13. I think it is amazing how you can experience so many different cultures and traditions of food all in one place! Great pics!

  14. I'm not sure I've had that much fun shopping other than maybe getting a hot dog at Sam's Club.
    Happy New Year!

  15. «Louis» would enjoy this market!

    He thanks you for linking at his Wordless Wednesday and wishes you all the best for this New Year!

  16. I'm completely jealous. I'd love to have a market like that by us. Looks like y'all had fun. Thanks for hosting b



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