Sisterhood Magazine Review and Subscription Giveaway

As the mother of three girls, I understand all too well the issues faces our teens today. Our oldest daughter recently turned 19—and our younger two are rapidly on their way toward teen years. As a mom, I’ve struggled with inappropriate magazines and the negative effect of popular culture on teen girls. It’s not easy to raise a daughter today—and it’s even more difficult for teens to keep aligned with beliefs and values with all of the influences surrounding them! We recently received a copy of Sisterhood Magazine to review—and I’m excited to share this magazine with you! I’ve also been offered a complimentary subscription to one of our wonderful readers as well!
I received a complimentary issue of this magazine along with a gift subscription for use in my review--but, all experiences and opinions are my own. 

What did we think of Sisterhood Magazine? I have subscribed to many parenting magazines over the years--and the girls have read many popular tween/teen magazines.  We reviewed the November/December edition of the magazine—and it was a hit with all of the ladies of the house—even the middle school daughter. As a mom, I loved that the magazine was so well written, covering so many aspects of teen life in keeping with a strong relationship with Christ. I loved that the featured models were teen girls—who looked like teen girls with modest dress and positive messages. There was a little bit of everything from music and recipes to glamour and fashion—as well as stories to help young ladies find and accept themselves in the real world without losing sight of faith.

My middle daughter attends a public junior high and frequently struggles with the interactions and the sights and sounds around her. I think she summed up the value of Sisterhood Magazine the best when she closed the magazine with a smile and said, “I like this magazine—it lets me know that I’m okay. It’s okay to be me—and there are other girls out there like me.”

Would I recommend Sisterhood Magazine for teen girls? I certainly would—and I would certainly note that moms should be reading it with those daughters as well. It is a wonderful magazine for girls to strengthen faith—and even find their place in a community of girls seeking the same.

Note:  Unfortunately, Sisterhood Magazine ceased publication in 2014. An alternative to this magazine is Brio--a teen magazine from Focus on the Family.

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