Book Review: How to Be a Team Player and Enjoy It by Matt Williams

Do you feel driven to step into a leadership role with your church or maybe a youth group?  Perhaps you volunteer with a faith based organization and would like to improve the working relationships within your peer work group?  I was recently asked to review How to Be a Team Player and Enjoy It by Matt Williams.  What did I think of this faith based look into leadership?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  I may also receive slight compensation from affiliate linking within my posts.

Quick Summary of How to Be a Team Player and Enjoy It by Matt Williams.  Matt Williams has been an associate pastor, Christian college administrator, and has worked with church ministries around the country for over 40 years. He combines his experiences as a secular business manager, church staff member, and Christian leader with ministries to present practical principles that are invaluable in serving the Lord. How To Be a Team Player and Enjoy It is the result of working with pastors, staff members, and ministries across the country and seeing the problems faced in churches and Christian school ministries. Matt takes principles from God’s word and applies them to our relationships and working with others as leaders. Christian leaders have encouraged Matt to relate these principles in printed form. This book reflects Matt s heart for people and the Lords work. How to Be a Team Player and Enjoy It should be required reading for all Christian leaders and workers.

How to Be a Team Player and Enjoy is loaded with practical advice and leadership tips.  While this book is written for Christian leaders—the wisdom and insight shared on virtually every page is useful to leaders (or team players), of Christian faith, in any community or business role.   This book identifies the qualities and requirements of effective leaders—and offers vital advice toward honing those skills.  The author is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the subject—and is able to explain the concepts very simplistically—yet thoroughly. 

Would I recommend How to Be a Team Player and Enjoy It by Matt Williams?  I think any Christian leader (or volunteer or group member seeking better work flow or group dynamics will benefit from the insights offered in this book.  While having the desire to serve God and the community is a wonderful starting point—many need a little help with developing the business-minded leadership skills necessary to make those efforts successful.

About the Author 
Matt Williams served full-time for 34 years on the pastoral staff at Tri-City Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri. He was part of the college administration team at Northland Baptist Bible College before returning to the pastoral staff at Tri-City. He co-authored the book Biblical Leadership Becoming a Different Kind of Leader with Ken Collier and now speaks around the country on staff relationships, leadership, and biblical worldview. He and his wife Donna have been married for 42 years and have 5 children and 16 grandchildren.

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