Book Review: In the Place Where There is No Darkness by K.M. Douglas

I really enjoy futuristic thrillers--and with it's setting in the not-so-distant future, In the Place Where There is No Darkness by K.M. Douglas caught my interest.  What did I think of the latest book to cross my reading list?

Summary of In the Place Where There is No Darkness.  The year is 2019. The Watchers maintain a state of constant surveillance: guns are outlawed, media is censored, and unmanned drones patrol the skies.

Derrion Parsing is a high school senior and the son of an ex-Army Ranger. Unlike his classmates, he has access to information from the time before the Invisible War, when the government shut down the Internet, reformatting into a propaganda tool. When Derrion attempts to use this information as part of a school project, he awakens to his worst nightmare.

Don't judge the book by the length.  In the Place Where There is No Darkness may be short--but, it is packed with details and action from the first pages.  K.M. Douglas wastes no space in time telling the story--and is able to create a very well written book in a short time.  Readers will not feel cheated by the length.

Would I recommend In the Place Where There is No Darkness?  This is K.M. Douglas' first book--and it was a wonderful one.  Not only would I recommend this book--but, I am excited to read more from the author in the future.  I love a good thriller that's based in just enough reality to make it frighteningly possible. 

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About the Author

K. M. Douglas grew up in Northeast Ohio and studied creative writing at The Ohio State University. He lives in Rainier, Washington with his wife, cat and two dogs. In the Place Where There is No Darkness is his first novel.

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