What is Organic Carpet Cleaning and Is it Right for Your Home?

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My family makes a conscious effort to avoid many chemicals and additives present in so much of our daily environment. We eat locally produced foods when possible, buy organic foods and household products, and try to limit our chemical exposures whenever possible. As we adjust our day to day habits and product usages, we also need to look at those products and services that we utilize less frequently. As a mom with three kids, four cats, and a dog—our carpet and upholstered furniture, realistically, need regular cleanings. Have you considered the chemicals present in traditional carpet cleaning solutions? Maybe you have already sought an alternative to these traditional services—or you may be wondering just what is organic Green Choice carpet cleaning?

First--What is so Bad about Traditional Carpet Cleaning?
Many carpet cleaning companies (and even the do-it-yourself rentals) employ cleaning solutions and stain removers loaded with chemical compounds—such as perchloroethylene (perc) or naphthalene. Some chemicals in such cleaning solutions cause short term health effects in pets and humans, such as nausea or dizziness while some of the nastier chemicals are even carcinogenic, or cancer causing. Even if you only have the carpets cleaned professionally a couple of times per year, there is still some reason for concern.

What is Organic Carpet Cleaning? Organic carpet cleaners seek to offer carpet cleaning without harmful chemicals or additives. Whether using a plant-based alternative solvent, other green-friendly cleaning solutions, or steam extraction—organic carpet cleaning accomplishes the task naturally—safely-- without all of the health and environmental risks of traditional cleaners.

Is Organic Carpet Cleaning Right for Your Home?  Green and organic carpet cleaning are becoming quite popular as consumers understand the risky chemicals used in traditional carpet cleaning solutions. Carpet cleaning is a necessary task for most of us—and organic carpet cleaning makes it just a little safer and healthier for our pets, families and the environment. Before you schedule your next carpet cleaning, be sure to ask questions of your cleaning service. Even if your local companies do not yet offer advertised, organic carpet cleaning alternatives—they may offer healthier options, such as non-toxic steam cleaning, upon your request.

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