Book Review: Spartanica by Powers Molinar

I had planned to read and review Spartanica with my middle daughter--but, a bout with the flu put her several chapters behind this week.  She really enjoys fantasy/science fiction--so we quickly added this book to our reading list. What was our review of Spartanica by Powers Molinar?

I received a complimentary ebook for use in this review.  All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of Spartanica.  Ty and Marcus Mitchell are average middle school brothers growing up north of Chicago until one night when they’re hurtled through an inter-dimensional gateway to a parallel world defined by its multiple moons and planet-wide apocalypse. As they struggle to figure out where they are and how to get home, the boys encounter refugees of “the last day” from the distant city of Atlantis and a mysterious girl called Bellana, the sole survivor and resident of the devastated city of Spartanica. Ty and Marcus soon learn they only have seven days to get home. But before they can leave, they must battle through long-extinct predators, track down the elusive Professor Otherblood, and rescue a new friend from certain death. Is all of this insanity just Ty’s overactive imagination or are the brothers truly on the brink of being stranded on the brutal wasteland known as Spartanica?

Spartanica is perfectly suitable for middle school aged boys and girls.   At first, my daughter was a little put off by the cover art.  She felt that it was a "book for boys"--but, after reading the description, she opted to give it a chance.  We both agree that it is a book that both boys and girls (who like science fiction) will enjoy.  It's written appropriately for the age group and has a lot of action packed chapters to keep middle school aged, digital minds engaged.

Would we recommend Spartanica by Powers Molinar?  As a parent, I would not hesitate to let my younger middle school aged daughter read the book.  It was well written for its audience.  I think some adults/parents may nitpick with a few of the scene outcomes and some of the dialogue or terms used--but, my daughter didn't seem to notice.  We both enjoyed the book and look forward to reading future books from this author.


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Author Bio:

Powers Molinar grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago and earned engineering and business degrees at the University of Iowa. While he works as a process engineer and project manager during the day, his passion is writing science fiction. His first novel, Spartanica, is the culmination of several year's of part-time effort mostly late at night and on weekends when he wasn't enjoying time with his wife and kids, all of whom were big helpers getting Spartanica written.

Powers believes every kid has the potential to become exceptional.  In addition to being a blast to read, he truly hopes his books spark kids' imaginations and inspire them to read more and maybe even become writers.  Being a solid reader is a foundational piece of leading an exceptional life.  Powers hopes his books can be part of that foundation for as many kids as possible.

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