Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Saying Goodbye to Frito

It was a sad week here in our little corner of the world. We had to say goodbye to Frito T. Cat after almost 13 years. I wanted to share some of our favorite, Frito memories as this week's Wordless Wednesday link-up.  Frito was my oldest daughter's kindergarten graduation present--but, he turned out to be a gift for all of us.  He was quite a man--all 25 pounds of him.

Baby Frito
 He came into our world weighing less than a pound..  He sure did love Bear the Dog...

 He sure did tolerate the kids....

He LOVED Lea the Cat

He was expressive....

Before A Mama's Corner of the World--I helped Frito blog on and off at One Fat Cat with a Blog....I miss that..

And we really miss him today!

My youngest daughter came to me a couple of days ago and said that she knows what she wants to do with her birthday money--she wants to adopt a kitten.
It's going to be an orange tabby. 
She's going to name it Cheeto. 
Sounds like a plan for the upcoming Spring kitten season. :) 

So--enjoy your week--and give your furbabies one extra hug or two for us.  And--link up your latest WW posts!

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  1. Awww - I am so sorry for your loss. I know it's hard when you lose a member of the family, especially after 13 years. This is a great tribute!

  2. Sorry for your loss I agree this is a lovely tribute what a lovely looking cat Frito was ;-)

  3. Sorry to hear about you losing your kitty. We used to have two kitties but when we moved we had to leave them behind. We ended up giving them to my in-laws. Our older cat got really sick a couple of years ago and they had to put him down. The younger one ran away. I still miss having a cat around. I hope you are able to get a new kitten. I love the creative names you have for your pets. Have a terrific Tuesday! I'll have my Wordless Wednesday up tomorrow sometime. Hopefully in the morning.

  4. I am so sorry. Pets are family too. Blessings to your little corner of the world!

  5. I 'm giving you all zen hugs and feel better soon. I know what its like to lose a family member hope you can find a new baby for your family

  6. That's so sad! We have two cats that we adopted a couple of months apart and they are the best of friends. Good pets are precious souls.

  7. Awww, I'm so sorry for your loss. You can see how loved he was from the photos. ((Hugs))

  8. Cute tribute. *hugs and happy memory sparkles*

  9. I'm sorry for your loss. Pets truly are a part of the family.

  10. So sorry for your loss. Glad you have these wonderful memories of Frito. The photo of him with a baby bib and bottle is adorable!

  11. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear...Frito seems like a fun and loveable cat, and I love the tribute you've shared here today. Thoughts and love coming your way!

  12. so sorry to hear about the loss....seems he was a adorable cat

  13. So, so, sorry to hear about Frito - he was a truly beautiful cat and a huge loss xxx



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