In the Kitchen: Fiber One Fruit Snack Review

As a recovering, veteran soccer mom—and a 12 year room-mom veteran—I am no stranger to fruit snacks. Our school district—and our local youth soccer organization list fruit snacks as one of the few allowable items for team snacks or party snack options due to the low allergen risk and low fat/low calorie aspects of the treat. The girls and I recently had the opportunity to sample and review Fiber One Fruit Snacks. What did we think of the latest snack option from Fiber One?

Are Fiber One Fruit Snacks healthier? Okay—certainly, a package of fruit snacks is not as healthy or natural as organic, fresh fruit. Fiber One Fruit Snacks are not organic or all natural—but, the brand has made the effort to remove chemical dyes from the snacks in favor of fruit and veggie derived, natural colorants. The Fiber One fruit snacks offer 3 grams of fiber, 70 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 100% daily value Vitamin C. If I am asked to supply fruit snacks—these do pose an affordable snack that I can feel a bit better about offering to the kids.

How do the Fiber One Fruit Snacks taste? Our samples were extremely fresh. The snack bite pieces were chewy—but, tender. (You’ve had those hard, brittle weird fruit snacks, right? These were nothing like those.) The girls thought they had a great taste and texture—although they couldn’t really say that one variety tasted much differently than the other.

Would I recommend Fiber One Fruit Snacks? I am a fan of fresh fruit. Yes—I am the mom who brought apples, grapes or bananas to soccer for the after-meet snacks. But—in a world where most of parents offer up cookies or generic fruit snacks and sugar loaded drinks at parties and sporting events—I would certainly recommend these as an alternative. On another note—my girls often experience a little digestive chaos from snacks, cereal bars and such with added fiber. We personally saw no issue with an occasional package of the Fiber One Fruit Snacks. I would recommend these to parents who feel the need to offer packaged, portable fruit snacks—but, aren’t ready to go all-natural or organic quite yet.

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  1. These are as bad or worse than candy. This is just clever marketing; these fruit snacks are actually not particularly good for you as they are loaded with extra sugar and high fructose corn syrup. These have 10 grams of sugar per tiny pouch, almost half the healthy daily limit for women and more than half the healthy daily limit for children. They are tasty, but there are many healthier fiber choices for kids and adults.



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