Tween and Teen Book Review: A Map for the Middle by Matthew Sink

Parenting middle school and high school aged tweens and teens is not easy.  There is no instruction guide--and even parenting one child to adulthood doesn't make the task less daunting as younger siblings approach the dreaded middle school years.  We are fortunate that we have well behaved, responsible children--but, we still look for resources and the occasional helping hand!  Author Matthew Sink's A Map for the Middle caught my interest--and I was hoping that it would be a book that I could share with my daughters as they make the elementary to middle school transitions.  What was my review of A Map for the Middle by Matthew Sink?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.  

About A Map for the Middle.  A Map for the Middle provides a roadmap for success for middle school students covering hot topics like popularity, insecurity and sex. “The decisions students make in middle school are critical in setting the direction for their lives,” explains Sink, a father of three kids between the ages of 10-13. “I wrote this book to offer advice to these young adults about how to navigate the next few years.”

While A Map for the Middle is written for young readers, Sink believes it will be a useful tool for parents who often struggle with communication through the middle school years. “The book features two voices,” explains Sink. “One is mine, as someone who remembers vividly what it’s like to be a teen and who has spent countless hours with them in the classroom. The other voice is God’s, revealed through scripture.” Every chapter of the book includes a short scripture reference and devotion designed to open the lines of communication between parent and child.

Sink does a wonderful job putting middle school trials and traumas into words--and into perspective.  As a parent, it's not always easy to find the right words--and I think A Map for the Middle offers a wonderful, easy to read, middle school "guide".  I think books such as this one are wonderful books to read and discuss as a family.  Sink puts together chapter after chapter of all of the many things that tweens and teens (and parents) feel and fear.  It's a great discussion starter for families navigating these tough years.

Would I recommend A Map for the Middle I found it extremely well written and well planned--it was truly a "map" through the many ups and downs facing today's middle school kids.  It is a Christian based book, with each chapter devoting time to scripture and devotion, but, it is well incorporated with the scenes.

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About the Author:
Matthew Sink taught for 14 years in North Carolina public schools. He’s now a minister at Pinedale Christian Church in Winston-Salem. He lives with his wife and three children, all between the ages of 10-13, in Lexington, North Carolina.

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