Children's Book Review: Ziggersnout by Dale Rensing

Our girls have been involved in sports of some sort from the moment each was old enough to run, dance, kick a ball or play. We have spent countless hours on soccer fields, tennis courts—and even more hours driving the girls to practices, lessons, and extra training sessions. As my youngest is still learning the value of practice to both her Irish fiddle and her dance training—we were excited to review Zigersnout by Dale Rensing.  

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  All comments and opinions are my own.  I may receive slight compensations from affiliate linking within my posts.

Quick Summary of Ziggersnout. A young learn-to-skate student finds that skating is much harder than he thought. Eric doubts his own abilities until the kindly rink manager takes him under his wing and introduces the boy to Ziggersnout, a dragon who lives under the ice. While some doubt Ziggersnout’s existence, it is Eric’s belief in the dragon that fuels his belief in himself, drives him to continue to try his best, and eventually helps him to achieve his goal.

Whether children are involved in sports, play musical instruments, or dream of becoming artists, the burning desire found within Ziggersnout can help them find the way to making their own dreams come true.

Ziggersnout teaches a valuable lesson in a fun way.  While Eric, Ziggersnout's main character, finds his ice skating, practice motivation in a magical way--he still learns that hard work and practice do pay off in both confidence and ability.  Rensing reminds young readers that practice doesn't have to be dull or boring! 

Would I recommend Ziggersnout?  This is a cute book for young readers--and a fun reminder that parents sometimes need to help the little ones find their personal "Ziggersnouts".  Practice is a necessity for so many things in life--and Ziggersnout helps remind us that we may need to look a little deeper into ourselves and our surroundings to find the determination and motivation to achieve our goals. 

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About the author

 Dale Rensing has been a technical and marketing writer for many years, working in the high-tech industry and then eventually moving over to businesses involving history and fashion. Her first children’s historical novel, Jewel of the Opera Garnier, was originally published by Lakshmi Books in October 2012. Dale draws upon her many years of dance and skating experience to give readers a sense of the joy and dedication involved in these disciplines.

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