May Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Year End Rush

The school year is winding down here in our little corner of the world.  The girls will actually be free on summer break before the end of May this year for the first time in memory.  To make sure that everyone is exhausted by the end of the year, the girls have embarked on the end of the year rush...We thought we'd share the chaos that was the last week of our life for this week's wordless Wednesday linkup.

Madelyn had a job interview for the school library/museum

Between the application, gathering the letter of recommendation from her violin teacher, the interview questionnaire--and the necessary "interview/wardrobe shopping"....this became event one of the week.   But--she got the job!

Miss Macy built a Rube Goldberg machine for science class

The goal was to build a machine to deliver a handful of cat treats.  Elsa the Brave (or the clueless) was the only cat brave enough to venture out for treats--but, the project that took on a life of its own was a success.  There was also a good bit of prayer incorporated at the end of the week as the project due date neared.  I am going to assume that those who set up the massive Rube Goldberg creations do not do so in a house with four cats where everything is a toy.....

Macy had her first big, full school orchestra concert

....and too many after school rehearsals to count...

It was testing week at school for both girls.... 
so both were exhausted
Luckily--they had time for quick naps on the way to dance class!

It was a whirlwind of a week--but, we made it!  My house is a mess and I can't really remember what we ate for dinner last night...but, we made it!

I will admit--I do feel a bit like joining Mister Max this morning!

What's next?  17 more days of school...4 dance competitions in 4 cities on two weekends...4 awards ceremonies....Madelyn's school museum VIP grand opening....Macy's school activity night....a bake sale...2 field trips....field day...and a dance and music recital....

Why does everything come to a chaotic mad-dash-to-the-finish during the last three weeks of the school year??

Maybe I will join Max for nap!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

It's your turn to share your latest Wordless Wednesday posts in this week's link-up!

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  1. We still have 7 more weeks of school here in my neck of the woods.

  2. You must be so proud, great accomplishments!! Congratulations, Happy Mothers Dat!

  3. That is a busy week!! And congrats on it all… the recital, the new job. Your kiddos are on fire! :)

  4. Congrats with their achievement =) Love her photo such a nice young lady =)

  5. England winds down much later here... You sound so busy! I have all this to come in late July!

  6. It sounds like you have a lot to do between now and the end of the school year. Yikes! Our schools will be ending before Memorial Day weekend, so it won't be long now before summer is officially kicks off for kids around Knoxville. Happy WW!

  7. our countdown is a little shorter but I fully relate to your insanity! 2 weeks and three days of school and one dance recital!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. We are in the rush, too -- aack! Looks like a lot of fun going on but that cat feeder is AWESOME!

  9. What sweet pictures.

  10. No kidding! Thank goodness summer is just around the corner! Happy Mother's Day!

  11. Wow, a full school orchestra concert - this sounds awesome... :)



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