August Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Gone Fishin'

The girls may be back to school--but, we still have some summer fun time left on the weekends!  Last weekend the girls were able to go fishing at Grandma and Grandpa's house.   It's always as much fun for the grown ups as it is the kids.  Thought we'd share our "gone fishin'" adventures for this week's Wordless Wednesday.  Don't forget to link up! 

Macy Fishing with Grandpa

.....and she got one.....

A Pretty Big One....

Miss Madelyn was NOT going to be "outfished".....

....and was happy with her biggest catch...

While the girls fished for blue gill and bass--the "big boys" fished for catfish.  I wish we had gotten pictures of a couple of the monstrous catfish that the guys almost pulled in before the fishing lines broke!  It was a good day--lots of sun and fun before fall moves in on us!

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  1. Thanks for visiting to share this week!!! Fishing is always a great time!!
    Enjoy your week!!

  2. Well what a catch well done heheh!

    Have an angletastic week

  3. I really miss fishing. We haven't really gotten back into camping or fishing since we moved to Perth. Might need to fix that.

  4. Whoa those are massive fishes! Well done to your girls =) #ww

  5. Wow. Awesome stuff! :)

  6. How wonderful to go fishing with grandpa. That first photo made me giggle, as you can't see the water and it looks like they are rock fishing.

  7. That looks like it will be a wonderful memory.

  8. That right there is going to be one of her favorite memories. :) I have fond memories of fishing with my family and spending hours just visiting.

  9. Wow, that fish looks impressive! Well done! :)

  10. That is so nice, love her expression ... And the fish looks pretty cool.



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