Social Wokers: An Asset to the Community

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Social workers play an important role and a variety of roles in the community. They are often the resource that people turn to when hardships arise and situations occur that they are not able to handle on their own. There are numerous niches for someone with a degree in social work. Some of those positions put you upfront and make you and the work you do a visible part of the community. Other social worker positions place you in a less visible position, yet the work you do benefits both the community and the individuals you counsel and assist.

If you're looking for a way to make a difference in someone's life and to play a vital role in the community, pursuing a degree in social work from a place such as Case Western University may be just the place to start. When you commit to pursuing a degree in social work, you have a variety of specific areas in which you can specialize. You may find it beneficial to explore the diversity of options within the field of social work to find the area that you are most passionate about.

As a social worker with a specialized interest in working with children, youth and families, you can serve a dual role of assisting individuals with issues involving drug abuse, physical abuse, domestic violence and numerous mental health issues. Helping one person or one family at a time, ultimately helps the whole community.

Social workers can play an important role in helping substance abusers find the treatment necessary to overcome their addition and become prosperous citizens in the community. Whenever someone is experiencing overwhelming stress, whether it be from personal problems, family problems or any type of hardship issue such as homelessness, a social worker is often their link to a life changing experience.

Adults who have the responsibility of caring for mentally or physically challenged children may feel overwhelmed with their role. A social worker can help them find resources to ease their burden. They can help them arrange respite care and possibly adult day care so that they are able to go to work or leave home for a while knowing that their family member is being cared for. Social workers can provide counseling and a listening ear for those who feel that they have no one to turn to and no one who understands their situation.

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