Immaculate Baking Dry Baking Mixes Make Baking Easy

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The girls and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I love to create new recipes with them and bake special treats--but, time is not always on our side with our busy schedules.  I am not a fan of baking mixes.  Either the taste of the boxed mix isn't up to par or I worry about the ingredients.  I recently discovered Immaculate Baking dry baking mixes--and with all natural, GMO-free ingredients and gluten free options--I wondered if these cookie, cake and brownie mixes could be the answer to my time crunched baking dilemmas.  What did the family think of Immaculate Baking Dry Mixes?  Did Immaculate Baking Dry Baking Mixes make baking easy?

Have you heard of Immaculate Baking's baking mixes?  Immaculate Baking offers a complete line of all natural, organic, non-GMO, and gluten free dry baking mix options.  We sampled cookies, brownies and cakes--and noticed that the company also offers organic Pancake & Waffle Mix.  These mixes offer the ease of a convenient baking mix with an ingredient list more like one created in your own kitchen.

What did we think of Immaculate Baking Dry Baking Mixes?

We sampled the Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

This was my first attempt at a gluten free cookie.  While my family does not require a gluten free diet, we do limit gluten somewhat.  We were not sure what to expect from the cookies.  Although the dough was a little dry when mixed according to the box instructions, we were able to hand form the dough and create delicious cookies.  The cookies were delicious straight from the oven--and as ice cream sandwiches a couple of days later!

We also tried the all natural Chocolate Cake Mix
(As a Hot Fudge Cake with Ice Cream and Whipped Cream)

 I will sometimes use a cake mix for a potluck dinner--especially if I need several cakes for an event. Generally; however, I bake from scratch. This all natural cake mix was quite a surprise.  It really did have the flavor and texture of a homemade, from scratch, cake.  We made hot fudge cakes from the mix with homemade ice cream and coconut whipped cream---and, I would certainly use it in other chocolate cake recipes. 

Would I recommend Immaculate Baking dry baking mixes?  I was really impressed with the quality, flavor and ingredients of these mixes.  I would certainly buy the mixes again and would recommend them to anyone who prefers simple ingredients without the work of a traditional, homemade cake.

Look for these baking mixes in your grocer's baking aisle and at Target!

To learn more about Immaculate Baking and the products featured here:
Visit the Immaculate Baking Website or Visit Immaculate Baking on Facebook

Did you notice the fun illustrations on the Immaculate Baking mix boxes?  Each illustration has a story--and a mini artist bio on the box.  The company supports folk artists--and supports the Folk Artist Foundation.  The artwork creates a fun personality for the company--and gives back to the Folk Art community as well.

Disclosure:  I received full sized, complimentary samples of these products from Immaculate Baking through Platefull Co-Op.  All opinions and experiences are my own.

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