In the Kitchen: Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey’s Candy Mix Ins Review

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My daughters were excited to sample a Yoplait/Hershey's dessert combo in the Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey’s Candy Mix In’s.  They had already noticed a few in friends' school lunchboxes and were curious.  We received complimentary coupons to try two of the Yogurt with Hershey’s Candy Mix In’s.  What was our family's review of Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey’s Cookies n Crème and with Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Mix Ins?

Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey’s Cookies n Crème Mix Ins

The girls decided that the vanilla yogurt was fine.  The Cookies n Crème bites were not quite what they had hoped they would be--and neither child liked the candy combined with the yogurt.  I think both girls were expecting a sweet, white chocolate flavored yogurt and not the vanilla yogurt--even though the package clearly represents the contents.  The cookie balls were just a little sweet for the vanilla yogurt flavor.

Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Mix Ins 

The girls seemed to like this variety better than the Cookies n Crème--but, still preferred to eat the chocolate separately from the yogurt.  The vanilla yogurt was certainly the usual Yoplait flavor--but, the cold Hershey's pieces were not quite the same flavor/texture as their favorite candy bars.

What was my mom-opinion of the product?  As a mom, I liked that the candy pieces were secured in the lids making it easy (and mess free) for the girls to combine the yogurt and candy--and it is a product with kid-appeal.  While it's a convenient product--the girls would certainly not be offered a full serving.  I was disappointed in the nutrition information as this product is very appealing to children for snack time or lunchbox "extras", but 240 calories is a hefty "snack" or side dish!

Would we recommend Yoplait Yogurt with Hershey’s Candy Mix In’s?  The single serve containers of vanilla yogurt with chocolate bar pieces pack quite a calorie punch with 240 calories per serving, according to the label.  Our girls opted to split a container since our snacks are generally low in fat/calories--and candy bars are always shared or split in half.  In the end, the girls didn't really like the candies mixed into the yogurt--but ate the two separately instead.  If your family enjoys vanilla yogurt--this may be more of a hit than it was with our girls.  It may also be better suited as a dessert alternative than as a snack since it essentially combines a candy bar with a container of yogurt per serving. 

This post is brought to you by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op.  I received product samples and a promotional gift for use in my review.

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