Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Bison at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park in Columbus

A visit to Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park just outside Columbus, Ohio, has been on our to-do list for a while. We wanted to take the girls to see the bison--and once we learned that there were baby bison born earlier in the year--we really wanted to make the trip. We generally try to find friendly parks and trails for a weekend hike with Mr. Maxi the dog--so, since Battelle Darby Creek is also very dog friendly with several pet trails, we finally made the trip last weekend. I thought I would share our trip to see the bison at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park as this week's Wordless Wednesday link up!  

We were hoping to see the Bison babies.... 

Bison in the Prairie Pasture? 

They were there (in a group below the arrow above)....we just couldn't see them without binoculars--and we didn't bring any.

Every now and then, we could see brown blobs moving when they ran in the far end of the prairie.

Hmmm. The girls were not impressed by the bison viewing experience.

So--we had to see the bison and one of the babies on Youtube... 


But, there was a pretty sky at the park....

...and some (blurry) Monarch caterpillars on milkweed plants 

  ...and pretty wildflowers.. 

 It was a nice afternoon--even if we didn't see exactly as much of the bison as we had expected!

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  1. Awww babies so cute!!! Love the wild sunflowers! Remind me of fields around my grandfathers farm. Hope you can stop by to share this week. Have a great day!

  2. Lovely flowers, not so much the bison LOL...
    Hope you are having a lovely week!!

  3. Wow you are so lucky to have spotted them albeit this far! Every photo is pretty and I love that weather. Its beginning to get cold here already =( #ww

  4. Awww. That would be so disappointing!!



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