Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Waiting

We spent a lot of time waiting for things this past week!  We had many late nights and a lot of fun activities--but, everything seemed to involve a lot of waiting time too!  I thought I would share some of our photos from the week's adventures as this week's wordless Wednesday link up!

Waiting for Daddy

The girls (and Mr. Maxi) were determined to wait up for Daddy's return flight from a business trip.  They almost made it--one crashed on the couch and the other (and Mr. Maxi) fell asleep on Daddy's pillows.

Waiting for the Orchestra Concert

Macy got in a little last minute practicing before the first school orchestra concert of the year.  Max didn't really photobomb....we actually moved into his space. 

Waiting for Lunch

A day off from school led to a girl's lunch out and about....and a pretty long wait for our food!

Waiting out the Competition

Elsa the Cat loves Max's tennis ball.   Max kind of likes it as well.  They spent a lot of time this week trying to wait out the other one for a little peace, quiet, and alone time with the well-loved (worn out) tennis ball!

Halloween Party Waiting

More time was spent waiting in line at the Community Halloween parties than doing the activities--but, the girls had fun anyway!

Tired of Waiting

Max loves storytime with the girls--I'm not sure what he's going to do when they outgrow the urge to read books aloud before bed.   One girl was at a birthday party, the other at a Halloween Party--and he was ready for a chapter of Harry Potter and bedtime!

In the end, we decided that everything was worth the wait times!  

Enjoy your Week!

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  1. All your time was worth the wait, isnt it funny how we can make the best of things.!!

  2. Lovely photos! My fave will be them with that tennis ball! So cute!

  3. Your photos are great. And I love how the dog makes it into almost all of them. Max is adorable! And so are your kids.

    Thank you for the link up!

  4. Waiting can stink, but somethings are worth the weight! Happy Wednesday!

  5. That is really sweet of everyone. Cute pup!

  6. LOL, that sounds like tons of waiting... Fun shots, though! :)
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!



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