Arla Dofino Fontina Cheese Review & Baked Fontina Recipe Idea

We love specialty cheeses for recipes and snacking.  It's always so much fun for me to see the girls excited about Havarti grilled cheese sandwiches or Gouda and Edam baked macaroni and cheese.  We had the opportunity to sample and review Arla Dofino cheese through Bzz Agent--and opted to sample Arla Dofino Fontina cheese in one of our favorite appetizer recipes:  Baked Fontina and Herb Dip.  What do we think of Arla Dofino Fontina cheese?

We received a complimentary sample of this product for use in our review.  All opinions and experiences are our own.
Arla Dofino cheese was not easy to find in my local grocery stores.  We live within a few minutes of a number of major grocers--Kroger, Meijer, Walmart and Giant Eagle.  Our Kroger store generally has a huge selection of specialty cheeses from a variety of brands--but, didn't carry Arla Dofino.  Our favorite cheese shop is about 30 minutes aways--so I was glad to find that Giant Eagle; however, offered nearly every variety of Arla Dofino.  I opted for an 8 oz. wedge of Fontina--priced at $5.99.

What should we do with Arla Dofino Fontina cheese?  We decided to try a recipe that features the flavor of Fontina cheese--rather than blending it into a multi-cheese concoction.  One of our favorite appetizer recipes is based on Ina Garten's Baked Fontina recipe.  We call it Fontina and Herb dip--and it is a hit with the whole family.

We trimmed away the wax rind....

Cubed the cheese and gathered herbs, spices, and olive oil....

 We opted to cut the original recipe in half--and used dried rosemary and bottled garlic since we didn't have fresh on hand!

We blended the ingredients into a glass baking dish...

Broiled for a few minutes until bubbly and beginning to brown...
& served hot with some cubed French bread...

How did the Arla Dofino Fontina cheese taste in the recipe?  The Arla Dofino Fontina melted perfectly and smoothly.  The flavors were wonderful with the herbs and spices--and after making this recipe with other Fontina brands--Arla Dofino is one of our favorite cheeses for the dish. 

Would we recommend Arla Dofino Fontina cheese?  I love cooking with this cheese.  It melts and blends very well and is creamy and delicious--rather than stiff and oily.  If you are fairly new to cooking with Fontina--this one is very easy to work with.  We have gotten great results every time we have used it.  We'll be trying the Havarti next!

For more information on this brand:

Disclosure:  We received a complimentary sample of this product via  for use in our review.  All opinions and experiences are our own.

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