Great Ways to Enhance the Yard and Garden with Lighting Features

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You can expand the time and utility of your yard and garden by adding a simple feature- lighting. Illuminating the exteriors of your home is as important as it is to adequately light up the interior, and can go a long way toward providing safety and security to your family and those who visit your home.

There are many outdoor lighting options found in home improvement retailers, but there are some inventive, unique styles found online through internet sellers, as well. Think outside of the box, beyond flood-lights and solar stake lights when shopping for garden fixtures. Try some clever pendant lights, hanging lanterns, and wall sconces when looking to add light and bring an aesthetic element to the property. Many offer a distinct advantage over solar-powered styles, providing reliable lighting regardless of the weather or amount of sun. These may also be affixed with energy efficient LED bulbs to lower utility costs while keeping your home's surrounding property well-lit.

These features also make an excellent gift idea to give to any homeowner or home enthusiast this holiday season. Not only do these provide an attractive, useful accent for the home but also will instill a bit of hope and optimism for warmer weather ahead!

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