Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon Gets Series Off to a Wonderful Start

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rogue_alliance_250x375Over the summer, I read and reviewed Jaded by Michelle Bellon--and enjoyed her writing style so much that I immediately added her Rogue saga to my reading list.  What did I think of Rogue Alliance, the first book in Michelle Bellon's Rogue Saga?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  I may also receive slight compensation from affiliate linking within my posts.  All opinions are my own.  

Quick Summary of Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon.  While still a child in Redding, California, Shyla Ericson killed her father to end years of abuse. She’d left town shortly thereafter, changed her name, and started a new life, eventually becoming a highly decorated DEA agent. But some history doesn’t stay buried. When Shyla goes undercover to bring down drug kingpin Victor Champlain, the case takes her back to a town that hasn't forgotten her, and to a past she thought she’d left behind. Then, she meets Brennan Miles, a genetically altered kidnap victim, who has been turned into a weaponized super-human. Victor helped Brennan escape from a hidden genetics research facility known only as The Institute, where he'd been held and experimented on for years. In return for his freedom, Brennan now works for Victor as his bodyguard. Shyla is drawn to Brennan's strength, and to his humanity. Even after she discovers his secret — he must have human blood to survive. Shyla knows she can’t take down Champlain by going through Brennan — he’s too strong — and he’s loyal to Victor.

Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon offers a creative plot.  Bellon creates a unique mix of genres in this book as she writes a crime/mystery novel mixed with a little sci-fi/medical thriller and a touch of paranormal.  She certainly created a twist in the usual "coming home to solve a crime and face the past scenario" with her vampire-like Brennan.  The relationships between the characters add a mix of darkness and light in a unique way.

Bellon's writing style is perfect.  I still love Michelle Bellon's writing style.  She creates a complete story that never drags or leaves readers behind chasing breadcrumbs. She tells her stories with just enough detail to keep the reader hooked--but, without fluff and unrealistic scenes or interactions. By creating Brennan's affliction in a laboratory--Bellon keeps the book grounded for crime/mystery fans--and yet makes it appealing to sci-fi and paranormal fans as well.

Would I recommend Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon?  I love the author's writing style--and find myself drawn to everything she writes.   Rogue Alliance is the first book in a series--and it does end with quite a lot of loose ends--but, it also ends with enough character and plot interest to push readers to add book two to those reading lists.  I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to both crime and mystery fans--and well as sci-fi/paranormal fans.

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Michelle Bellon lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their four children. She drinks ungodly amounts of coffee and has an addiction to chapstick. She works at a surgery center as a registered nurse and in her spare time writes novels. She writes in the genres of romance suspense, young adult, women’s fiction, and literary fiction. She has won three literary awards.

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