8 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

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Are the winter blues already getting you down? Don't fret. These eight tips will keep you nice and toasty through the new year and beyond.

1. Wrap Your Pipes
When the weather outside is frightful, insulation is a critical component in protecting your pipes. Otherwise they'll freeze, depriving your household of its water supply and cracking or rupturing your pipes to the extent that they need replacements.

 2. Perform Draft Tests
If you notice a breeze where a breeze shouldn't be, take a flashlight to your walls and figure out where light is passing through. This is where you'll find your draft, and you can apply caulk to prevent it from bothering you again.  

3. Fine-Tune Your Furnace
Furnace filters should be replaced at the start of every winter. You might also want to vacuum vents or clean out your air ducts to make sure the warmth can pass uninhibited through your home.  

4. Clean Your Gutters
Many homeowners neglect their gutters in the winter because there aren't any falling leaves to clog up their pipes. This is a mistake! When ice freezes in your gutters, it can create dangerous icicles just waiting to fall and hurt someone.  

5. Talk To Your Electric Company
Ask the experts about energy-saving and cost-lowering measures you can employ around the home. Brands like PALMco are always happy to talk to customers and help them survive the winter without frostbitten toes.  

6. Seal Your Windows
Cracks in your windows or their frames will allow the cold to come sweeping inside. Apply sealant or new weather-stripping wherever you notice a crack, or if the damage is bad enough, think about replacing it entirely.

7. Clean Your Fireplace
Don't set up a crackling fire until you're sure that nothing is obstructing the chimney. It only needs to be professionally cleaned once every few years, but you never know when you might need to knock down a bird nest or retrieve a stray baseball.

8. Check Your Doors
Try sliding a piece of cardboard under your door. If it fits, the foundation of your home has been sinking, and it's time to either replace your door or install insulation so your warm air can't escape.

These are just eight ways to prepare your home for the upcoming season. There are many more, of course, but these should be enough to get you started. Lower utility bills are just a few tricks away!

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