When You're at Wit's End with Your Teen

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You feel like you've hit a roadblock. Your greatest pride and joy has become a stranger to you. You remember the day you held him in the hospital, all of your dreams realized in that moment. Your son has given you great joy over the years. You've watched him change and grow into a young man. It's been adventure until he hit high school. Now your teen has closed himself off from you. He's turned into someone you don't know anymore and you don't know how to reach him.

The Warning Signs are There
You pay close attention and keep tabs on him as closely as you can. Your son is hanging around with a disreputable group of kids after school. His grades are failing. He no longer has interests in any of his old hobbies. You've monitored his computer, checked his phone, and searched his room when he was at school. There has been evidence of drugs. You know it has to stop before he hits a dead end. The question is how.

When All Efforts Fail
You and your husband have had a heart to heart talk with your son. You were meant with an outburst of temper and aggressive behavior before he stormed off to his room. You've taken away his car and his phone, adding as many restrictions as you can think of to keep him out of trouble. Nothing is working and you are fearful of what your teen will do next. Even an intervention with his closest friends and family members has fallen on deaf ears. If all of your conscientious efforts have been met with resistance, it's time to consider outside help.

A Change of Scenery May be in Order
The time has come to think about a change in geography. Whether your son is in need of a drug rehabilitation program or Christian boarding schools for troubled boys, you will find solutions that can turn his life around. Sometimes, it takes a dramatic change as a teen is completely uprooted from the life he has known in order to pick up the pieces. With time and patience, as well as caring professionals, your son will be able to find his way back to the person that he used to be. You will be the support system and safety net waiting for him at home.

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