Book Review: A Date to Die For Series #1-4 Review

I enjoy short story sets and entertaining novellas.  Sometimes my attention span just simply isn't up for a full novel.  Having read and reviewed other books from Bonnie R. Paulson in the past--I was excited to read the first part of A Date to Die For--a seven series set of interrelated short stories.  What was my review of A Date to Die For:  Series #1-4?

I received a complimentary copy of this ebook for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.
Quick Summary of A Date to Die For: Series 1-4.  
Date to Die for: Series #1 When dating ends in deaths and threats, Molly might be better off staying single. During one of Molly’s weekly meet-ups with her girls at their regular bar, Molly succumbs to the duress of her two best friends and begins the aggressive dating they sign her up for online where the pairings are questionable... and dangerous. They’ve entered her in an evening of speed dating. But at the end of the evening she finds an item from her past that raises questions, grief... and danger. When the number of deaths surpass Molly’s goodnight kisses, her past pushes into the present and Molly loses much more than she gains. A stalker has focused on Molly and refuses to let anyone else date her. But she refuses to be single for the rest of her life. Is Molly doomed to a life of singledom wrapped in fear - or will the stalker turn on he.

#2, Oh No, He Didn’t! Molly is ready to meet up with her first date – Crisco Ethan. But first she has to survive threats at work and fear at home. Will Brad-the-bartender make a move or flirt from afar? The stalker is closing in and Molly has a terrible feeling she won’t stay untouched for long. Can she lean on Brad or is her heart pushing her toward danger?    

#3 Dinner for Two Getting ready to message her next date, Molly comes across an email from the stalker that might tear her apart. The aftereffects swallow her sanity and she struggles to stay in the everyday while battling the knowledge that he can find her anywhere. Nowhere is safe. Is Brad as involved as circumstances suggest? Or is a man out there that wants nothing more than to keep her all to himself – dead or alive?  

 #4 Don’t Look Back! At work, a special delivery slams home the seriousness of the situation. How many more lives will be affected by the man’s obsession with Molly? Molly’s stalker attacks close to home. Can she find safety? Can anyone?

A Date to Die For Offers Something a Little Different from Paulson.   After reading and enjoying apocalyptic thrillers and zombie/sci fi works from Paulson--I wasn't sure what to expect from A Date to Die For.  While this series may not be "end of the world" / "science gone wrong"--Paulson stays true to her writing style and weaves a nice mystery into a real world setting.

A Date to Die For Hooks Readers from Series #1.  The episodes are short, but detailed, with well developed characters and a fast moving storyline.  Without devoting a lot of time to narrative--much of the book's plot develops through the dialogue of Molly and her friends.  The episodes move quickly--with each one leading nicely to the next.   After reading the first 4 episodes of the series--I am ready for Series #5-7.  Paulson built up enough mystery and helped me develop enough character attachment to pull me on to the remaining episodes.

Would I recommend A Date to Die For?   The episodes are engaging, quickly read, and fast paced.  For readers with short attention span (or busy holiday evenings)--these episodes are perfect for easily read doses of a full story.  The characters are sarcastic and realistic, the episodes work well together--and it's a fun way to dive into a mystery/thriller.  Plan on reading the whole series as you will need to know what happens next at the end of every episode.

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A Date to Die For (1-4)

A Date to Die for: 5, 6, & 7: Dirty Twist, Check Mate, & Last Chance

About Episodes 5-7

 #5 Dirty Twist The stakes are high and Molly has learned how desperate her stalker has made her. Tormented with more kidnappings and deaths, Molly searches for answers in all the wrong places. Will she find what she’s looking for? Or will her fear continue to paralyze her, leaving her open for the ultimate end?  

#6 Check Mate What precautions can a single girl take to protect herself from a sociopath? Why, move in with the crush and bring his ass in to play the game, of course. Even with all the bravado, Molly still learns she has a lot more to lose. Can she come back from the turmoil? Or is she doomed to misery for the rest of her short life?  

#7 Last Chance In a desperate attempt to save someone she cares about, Molly faces her would-be killer. But who it is devastates her. If the killer has their way, Molly will die at their side. Can Molly escape or will she finally be on a Date to Die for?

About the Author
Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.

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