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shadowA long while ago, I read The Glistening Rebellion by Jill Cooper and hosted a guest post from her as well.  I enjoyed her writing style and her creativity and planned to read The Dream Slayer series as well--but, it didn't find its way to the top of my reading list until the release of The Shadow.  I recently had the opportunity to read and review the 5th full length book of the series.  What was my review of The Shadow by Jill Cooper?

I received complimentary copies of the books of this series for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.
Quick Summary of The Shadow.  As a paladin champion, it is Natalie’s job to deal with the undead with quick judgment or else run the risk of major casualties. But when evidence surfaces that some demonires don’t want to feed off humans, Natalie is faced with a moral dilemma that goes against her closest ally and the moral code of the position she holds. With human foes and demonire allies, Natalie Johnson is about to make a decision she might never be able to take back. Meanwhile a deep-seated anger threatens to destroy the principles she holds most dear. In the tradition of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Shadow contains mature themes balanced with humor and quirky situations.

Best read as a series.  Initially, I began reading The Shadow as a stand alone novel--but, felt that I was missing too much by not having read the first four books.  I decided to restart from the beginning. I did not read the three novellas of the series--just the 5 full length novels--but, I do think reading the series in order is important to the development of the series.   Readers are better able to understand the characters--and see the characters' growth and anticipate some of the plot twists and turns.

Plot twists and the unexpected keep readers engaged.  While some of the plot's movement was predictable--Cooper offered a bit of the unexpected as well to keep readers engaged throughout, not only The Shadow, but, the entire series.  Even after 5 books, there is still a tug of the unknown to keep readers on board for the last two books of series (released later this month).

Would I recommend The Shadow by Jill Cooper?  I would recommend the series to fans of paranormal/science fiction with moral undertones.  I do think it's best to read the series as a whole--and the novellas probably do add even more to the series that I missed!  I'm going to try to read those before I read the last two books of the series. The Dream Slayer series is classified as YA.  While the reading level is suitable to younger YA fans--I definitely think the themes are geared toward the older ranges of that set. 

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If you notice, on Amazon, the book numbering from the series includes the novellas--so The Shadow, which is full length book five is shown as book 8.  
The Reading Order of the Series....including the novellas:
The Dream Slayer (perma- free)
Demon Royale
The Uninvited: YA Paranormal Novella

Dawning Apocolypse
Frozen Reverie
Sacrifice: A Dream Slayer Novella
Necromancer's Kiss: A Dream Slayer Novella (The Dream Slayer Book 7)SThe Shadow
Resolve: Coming Soon  
Fury Finale: Coming Soon  

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