2015 Word of the Year: Focus

For the past few years, I have made my goal or New Year's Resolution list--but, have also chosen a single word of the year as well.  My word is sort of a theme of the year for year-long guidance.  If you are new to the concept of choosing a word to guide your year of transformation and growth--or would like to select your own word; but, aren't really sure where to begin--you may find the word of the year discovery tool and worksheet from Christine Kane helpful.  I have used the discovery tool in the past--but, this year, my word seemed to come to me quickly!
What does my life need in 2015?  

What is my overall theme for 2015?  

 What is my one word resolution to guide me in meeting my goals this year?

I have selected the word Focus for the New Year

Why have I chosen to make Focus my 2015 Word of the Year? 

-I need to return the focus of my life to the people who matter most

-I need to focus my efforts toward my goals

-I need to limit distractions and focus on the tasks at hand

-I need structure and focus to accomplish my goals

If I maintain focus during the year on the forest and avoid being daunted by the trees; I will accomplish so much more with my days.

I will FOCUS in 2015.

I will live a family and goal Focused life in 2015.

I have Focus and direction--and I am excited to embark on the journey into 2015. 

Have you chosen a word of the year?  We would love for your to share your word--or your most desired resolution!  

Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year!
Disclaimer:  This is not a sponsored post.  I only mention a website within this post that I found personally helpful. 

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