5 Motivational Quotes about Focus

Another Monday has arrived in our little corner of the world--and it is the first Monday morning of 2015. Did you make any New Year's Resolutions this year? Instead of listing my same old-same old resolutions--I made a master list of goals to achieve in 2015. Then--I did some soul searching and chose a theme word for my year. A word which I feel is necessary for achieving my goals. My Word of the Year is Focus. For this week's Monday Motivational Quote roundup--I wanted to focus on my word of the year to get my own week on track. (Though I think we could all use a little focus on Monday morning!) What are a few of my favorite #MondayMotivation quotes about focus? 


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 I have been on a soapbox, using this quote, all weekend with my daughters.  We are all busy.  We don't just "have" time....we "make" time for the things that matter!  We need to re-focus our priorities.

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In my world, this means I need to break my projects down into manageable pieces--and complete the pieces which I begin.  I need to focus my energy in one direction at a time!

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I am a mult-tasker....and multi-tasking is a necessity in our family.  However; I need to really focus my energy in one direction at a time.  Even if it is for short times.

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 I am hoping that a change in focus; a change in the method in which I tackle my days, will yield better results for me, my life and my family.

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Encouraging focus does not mean I will stop dreaming and hoping.  Instead, it will allow me to push myself toward those dreams and hopes with action plans rather than cloudy visions.

Embrace the opportunities and the challenges offered today--and every day!  

Enjoy your Monday!

Do you have a favorite quote about focused living?  

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This Week's Monday Motivational Word Finds....FOCUS
Focus:  The Hidden Driver of Excellence 
by Daniel Goleman
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  1. Absolutely love all of these quotes on Focus and Goals and the way you put them in pictures is beautiful! Made my day! Thank you!



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