Scentbird Fragrance Subscription Program Offers Personalized Service

I once loved perfume. Who doesn't love those pretty, feminine scents? Then, I fell into MomLand--and, while I still love fragrances--I hate committing to a full bottle of expensive perfume at the perfume counter. Either the scent doesn't smell the same as it did in the open air department store once I apply it at home--or it gives my youngest migraines or an asthma attack. I recently discovered Scentbird, a fragrance subscription service, and may have found the solution to my empty perfume shelves!  I had the amazing opportunity to try out their perfume subscription service--and I am excited to both share the Scentbird service with you and a great coupon offer as well!

What is Scentbird? Scentbird is a fairly new designer perfume subscription service that offers users a generous 30-day supply of the user's choice of perfume for just $14.95 a month.   With a unique, computerized selection process, users are able to choose from over 350 luxury scents from Chloe, Gucci, Hermes and more.  Users add selections to a personalized queue of scents--with one selection scheduled for shipment each month. Scentbird's proprietary algorithm makes finding the perfect scent so easy. You simply answer a few quick questions to create your personal scent profile.  That profile creates a queue of fragrances for you to anticipate receiving in the coming months.   You then have the option to pick and choose from those selections to create your upcoming subscription options.

Every month, the scent of your choice will come to your doorstep. The subscription price includes shipping--and you are free to cancel at anytime. (This service makes a wonderful gift for a busy mom or favorite lady as well.....especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner!) 

What did I think of Scentbird?

The Perfume Selection Process at Scentbird was perfect.  First of all--I have a daughter with both migraines and asthma.  Both conditions are slightly aggravated by scent--but, I generally know which types of scents we should avoid.  Usually.  Since it's always possible to be wrong at the cosmetic counter--I had all but given up on impulse buys of perfume.  I loved the options available in the Scentbird scent selection tool.  I was able to "avoid" certain scent types and keep our scent selections more natural.  Once the tool returned some options, I was then able to read through user reviews and experiences (and even do a little additional online research into the individual perfumes).  I had never heard of the Clean perfume brand--or of White Woods.  Yet, the reviews sounded favorable for my needs.  So I chose Clean White Woods as my first selection.

Scentbird doesn't choose your scent queue.  You do.  There is no mystery in the box each month.  There is plenty of opportunity for research--and all of the perfumes are authentic--no knock-offs or imitations.
I loved the presentation of the Scentbird product.  The little black drawstring bag gave the product a mysterious, romantic feel.   The first perfume vial arrived in an easy to use, twist up, spray canister cover.  The instructions made it easy to immediately use and enjoy the product.  The size and shape of the canister is perfect for storing in my purse or packing along on a weekend trip.

Would I recommend Scentbird?  The Scentbird tool helped me create a wonderful perfume selection that I probably would not have discovered without it! It took only minutes for the Scentbird site to create a list of possibilities for me based on my preferences--and it really helped me take some of the guesswork out of creating my personalized scent queue.  I'm willing to risk the occassional, not-so-perfect scent with a $14.95 price tag--not so much at $40 or $50 at the perfume counter!  The service lets me try new and different scents frequently without spending too much--or amassing lots of partial bottles of perfumes.

Would you like to try Scentbird?  For a limited time, Scentbird is offering our readers a 25% discount on their first month's purchase.  Simply visit Scentbird, take your scent profile quiz, set up your queue and account--and enter SCENT25 during checkout to receive your discount!

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Disclosure:  I received a one month subscription sample in order to try the selection tool and experience the service for my review.  All opinions are my own.

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