Book Review & Giveaway: The Sparks, Book One of the Feud Trilogy, by Kyle Prue

My middle daughter and I have become fantasy novel fans over the past few years.  The theme is one of her favorites--provided the fantasy world has a slight basis in reality.  We discovered The Sparks, the first book in a fantasy trilogy, from new author Kyle Prue--and we were very interested in reading and reviewing since Prue himself is a senior in high school.  What did we think of Kyle Prue's first novel, The Sparks?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in our review.  We also have an extra copy for one reader to win in the book tour giveaway at the end of this post!  All opinions and experiences are our own!

Quick Summary of The Sparks:  Book One of The Feud Triology by Kyle Prue:  In Feud: The Sparks, readers are introduced to three ancient houses blessed with unique abilities and charged with the protection of a great city. Three houses feuding for power despite heavy casualties. And one great evil that could destroy them all.  

The Sparks follows Neil, a member of the Vapros clan, as he struggles to live up to the expectations of his father and become a significant player in the feud of the clans. But when Neil discovers an evil far more powerful than the feuding families, he must overcome the fighting to try and save the people of the once great city of Altryon.

Prue launches The Feud Trilogy quite successfully in The Sparks.   Kyle Prue creates a well developed fantasy world for this trilogy.  Prue incorporates very visual settings and scenes with a cast of rather believable characters to welcome readers into his fantasy city of Altryon.  Action begins within the first few pages and carries on to the end.  While this first book does conclude much of its  storyline--it leaves the readers with much reason to follow the characters toward the next book.  Prue does an excellent job creating character interest and leaving a future for the trilogy, all while providing a complete story in the first book. 

Prue is a talented writer and storyteller--who knows his audience.  Readers will encounter some real world teen and young adult issues in Prue's fantasy world.  While his characters face fictional perils and situations; young adult readers will identify with some of the teen/young adult emotions and personal struggles faced.  Prue keeps the book fun and interesting for adults and young adults alike--but, keeps the characters true to themselves and true to their ages a bit as well.

Would I recommend The Sparks:  Book One of The Feud Trilogy by Kyle Prue?  This is an incredible first book for a young author.Do not let the author's age discourage you from reading this book--it is more than worth your time.  Some of the scenes are bit graphic in nature--and Prue's writing makes the scenes very visual and real--so I would recommend it for teens and young adults.  While this first book does stand alone in its storyline--you will want to continue the characters' journeys into the next book. 

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 Kyle Prue decided to write Feud: The Sparks one sleepless night of summer vacation when he was 15. Realizing he was losing inspiration to read, he endeavored to write something that he and his peers wouldn’t be able to put down. He plans to complete the trilogy with The Flames and The Ashes. Currently a high school senior, Kyle is a varsity swimmer, founder of the improv club, and involved in mock trial. Also, as a dedicated member of the film club, he spends his weekends writing and editing film.

An actor and comedian, Kyle trains at Second City Comedy Club in Chicago, where a number of SNL actors have gotten their start, and performs improv at LA Connection in Los Angeles. Kyle lives with his family in Naples, Florida.  

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