Razor Cleaning And Replacement Advice

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When safety razors age, they gather dirt and debris. So, at some point, the blade will require cleaning. To clean a razor efficiently, you must mix various chemicals together. If you never worked with chemicals before, you must understand that combining certain cleaning solutions can be dangerous. For example, an ammonia-based cleaner and a chorine-based cleaner should never be mixed together.

Basic Cleaning Procedures
Dish soap and warm water can eliminate the dirt and grime. To clean the exterior of the razor, use a tub and tile cleaner, such as Scrubbing Bubbles. The plastic and painted components should be cleaned carefully because a tub and tile cleaner can damage the surfaces.

Replacement Advice
When you use a safety razor, it should slide across your skin easily. If the razor feels like it is pulling while you shave, the blade may be dull. A dull blade should be replaced immediately because it could cause a serious rash or skin irritation. In addition, if you use the dull blade inefficiently, you could cut or nick yourself.

There is no specific time when a blade must be replaced. Typically, the time span depends on how often you use the razor and the thickness of your hair.

If you plan to buy a safety razor, you must maintain it. When it gets dulls, you must replace it to avoid unnecessary cuts and nicks.

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