A Day in the Life Without Metal

This is a guest post.

Though people know that metal is a regularly used material in construction, some may be surprised at the degree to which metal is utilized by individuals throughout everyday life. Take a look at what life would be like without the use of metal.

Housing.  Without metal, you would most likely live in a wooden home. Plumbing is comprised of metal, so you would have to haul water for cooking and cleaning purposes. You would also lack many appliances, such as sinks, tubs and toilets.

Food. You would not have a refrigerator or cooler, so you would need to be careful not to let your food go to waste. Even gas stoves are structured of some form of metal, so you would also have to use a fire for heating and meal preparation, while utilizing wooden utensils.

Transportation. On the upside, you would get your daily cardio from your commute to work. Without metal you would not have vehicles, trains, airplanes or even bicycles.

Communication. Computers, laptops and phones all have some form of metal in them. Without metal, you have the option of regular postal mail or word of mouth. These slower methods of communication are effective, however the length of time it takes could prove to be less efficient.

Clearly, metal is a key component in the functioning of society today.

For more information on how metal is used in everyday life, check out the fun infographic below!

Daily Dose Of Metal – InfographicPresented by Industrial Metal Supply Company

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