Book Review & Giveaway: Learning the Secret Language of Cats by Dr. Carol Teed, D.V.M.

I devote many of our Wordless Wednesday posts to the cats living in our little corner of the world.  We have four cats at the present--and, while each one has his or her own personality quirks--they have a number of similar characteristics and needs.  When I was offered the opportunity to read and review Learning the Secret Language of Cats--I thought it would be the perfect book to help our family better understand our feline roommates.  What did we think of Learning the Secret Language of Cats by Dr. Carol Teed, D.V.M.?

We received a complimentary copy of this book for use in our review.  All opinions are our own.  We are also joining the book tour giveaway.  This giveaway is hosted and administered by iRead Book Tours.  You may enter at the end of this post!

Quick Summary of Learning the Secret Language of Cats.  Dr. Teed began to write this book because she felt a book like this was missing from the bookshelves of cat owners and lovers. It became a labor of love with each page written as she realized she could impact so many cat lives and hopefully prevent preventable disease, behavioral issues and euthanasia. With humor, candor and intelligence, Dr. Teed not only provides insight into modern day feline health and welfare issues, but describes how the experiences of the cat are mirrored in our own lives.

Dr. Teed explores the body-mind-soul connection and notes what feeds the mind is often deficient in the modern world we have constructed for ourselves and our cats. These deficiencies then become written on the body. She feels a more integrated approach to care of our felines is what is needed now for the modern cat. Through personal stories of lessons learned over her years as a veterinarian in feline practice and as an overall cat lover, Dr. Teed calls the cat the ultimate success story and through careful study has found the secrets to his success. She has observed first hand time and time again the positive power of the cat to affect change in small sprees and reflects what an amazing thing it would be if we were all a bit more cat-like. In her words, every household can benefit from a cat.

Learning the Secret Language of Cats is a well-done resource for cat owners.  This book takes an in-depth look at the "whole" cat--from his natural instincts and basic health needs to his behaviors and interactions with humans and other pets as part of  a family.   The author devotes chapters to the "whole" cat--from nutrition, to behavior issues such as eliminating outside the litter box, to decoding a cat's body language, to aggression, and indoor vs. outdoor cat discussions.  She dots mini case studies and stories from her years of experiences to break up her chapters and offer insights and "real world" examples of the facts and topics she presents.  She addresses many of the common concerns and needs of cats (hairballs, fleas, obesity)--but, also discusses the cat's "purpose driven" nature and many of the animal's natural instincts that modern living attempts to defy.

The chapters are loaded with text--and valuable information.  For readers accustomed to internet writing with its short paragraphs and bold-print summaries--this book reads a little more like a textbook at times.  Readers will not find pictures and infographics on every page.  They will; however, find a lot of valuable information about so many of their cat's behaviors and "quirks"--and the basis for a cat's different needs within your family. 

Would I recommend Learning the Secret Language of Cats?  This book will open the eyes of many cat owners--especially new ones--to a cat's inborn nature and needs.  Each of our four cats has a rather distinct personality--but, are all still very much alike when viewed in a "bigger picture".  Dr. Teed managed to touch on many of the issues I've faced as a lifelong cat owner--and shed light onto the roots of those concerns.   It is so vital for pet owners to understand their pets.  Cats are very independent and very instinctive--but, have needs when humans disrupt those instincts by turning them into "pets" and manipulating their natural environments.  Teed does a wonderful job "decoding" the language of cats--and creating a valuable resource for cat owners.  

About the Author
Dr. Carol Teed graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1990. She spent most of her career in feline specialty practice where she became fluent in the mysterious language of cats. While observing cats through their accelerated life cycle, she became fascinated by their ability to bring positive change to the lives of those they interact with. She currently lives in rural Niagara, Ontario, Canada with her husband, four children, two dogs and three cats. She is working on her second book and always has a cat on her lap and two looking over her shoulder.

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