Children's Book Review: Mimi's Adventures in Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies by Alyssa Gangeri

Mimi's Adventures in Baking COVEROur family spends a lot of time in the kitchen here in our little corner of the world!  In fact, our cooking with kids section is one of our favorite on the blog!  Our girls love to join us in the kitchen--and we love to encourage their interest in cooking.  Children learn so much when they help in the kitchen--and get some valuable one-on-one time with an adult at the same time.   Since our girls are very avid readers--we love to find books to encourage their culinary interests!  We are very excited to share our review of the new children's book from Alyssa  Gangeri--Mimi's Adventures in Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

We received a complimentary copy of this book for use in our review.  All opinions and experiences are our own.

Quick Summary of Mimi's Adventures in Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Discover a whole new way of learning how to bake! Embark on a baking adventure with Mimi where she will measure, mix and bake her way to the perfect batch of chocolate chip cookies! This fun storybook cookbook enables adults and children alike to not only learn the fundamentals of baking, but to have fun at the same time. If Mimi can do it, so can you!

What did the girls and I think of Mimi's Adventures in Baking...Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Mimi's Adventures in Baking is Part Children's Book...Part "Cookbook".  As Mimi and her grandma bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies; the author shares the recipe (which is also included in a traditional "recipe" format at the end of the book) for readers to follow along with--and even bake a batch of cookies together.    The author offers some helpful baking advice (via Mimi's Grandma) and explains some of the mysterious, frequently asked questions of why we add salt to a cookie recipe.....and how to get a level cup of flour (without making a ginormous mess!)  This book is really a fun way to introduce the kids to the kitchen with a recipe that they will love to both make--and eat!

The Author Makes Baking a Fun Adventure with this Book.  I know that, as a parent, sometimes you don't feel like dragging out all of the ingredients and explaining baking soda and parchment paper to the kids on a busy weeknight.  If you are like me; however, you are probably already reading a story with them for a nightly school reading log.  This chocolate chip cookie recipe uses minimal ingredients--you probably have them on-hand in your pantry or refrigerator--takes less than 10 minutes to make and about 10 minutes to bake--and encourages the kiddoes to read, work on math and fractions with some measuring cup conversions, gain some confidence with some life-long, kitchen skills--and enjoy some one-on-one time with you!    I loved that the author offered a few "substitutions" and "add-ins" for her recipe--and encouraged readers to create their own too. Cooking is a creative process--and there is no 100%, set-in-stone formula.  Every "chef" has an opportunity to get creative, be inspired and make their own special masterpiece.

Would I recommend Mimi's Adventures in Baking Chocolate Chip Cookies?  I love the layout of this book.  It's really as much a family activity guide as a picture book--but, it does a nice job merging the two.  If you are looking for a simple, easy to follow, fun introduction to a baking adventure with your family--this book is perfect.  The story follows a recipe, shares a lot of useful kitchen tips--and yields a pretty yummy chocolate chip cookie in the end!
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Mimi's Adventures in Baking has received the Mom's Choice Award in the Picture Book category!   


About the Author
Alyssa Sparkle
Alyssa Gangeri is a Pastry Chef in New York City. She’s loved baking even from a young age. After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America she traveled north and south working for companies such as The Ritz Carlton to gain knowledge and experience of the ever-growing hospitality industry. She has also competed on The Food Network’s Sweet Genius.

 She developed Mimi’s Adventures in Baking as a new way of learning for the younger generation of bakers. Her love for baking shines through in this storybook cookbook. In her eyes baking should be a fun experience adults and children can share together. What better way to do that then with an interactive story that makes learning your way around the kitchen exciting and easy! When she is not making specialty cakes and pastries for her business AllyCakesNYC, you can find her in Central Park with her lively Jack Russell Terrier, Rudy and the love of her life, Jonathan.

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