5 Toys on Every Kid's Wishlist

Almost all children will have their little wish list of toys they've had their eye on for some time. If your child’s birthday is approaching, or they just deserve a little treat, then here are five fun toys that are sure to be on that list.

From bouncy castles, to high tech gadgets, to those traditional kid’s tool sets – choose one and make your child’s day.

Cooking fun
The Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven is the fun way to introduce your kids to the world of cooking, and this classic toy has been updated with a stylish new look. The light bulbs have now been eliminated and the latest version is a simple ‘plug-in and bake’ unit.
If your child has been eyeing up the family tool-kit then why not provide them with one of their own. Children’s tool sets include a range of safe equipment designed specifically for little hands. Some versions come with supplied with their own tool-belt and safety goggles, and mini-sets are available complete with a leather carrying pouch.

Garden fun
Inflatable toys for the garden are the ultimate summer fun for kids and can include those traditional bouncy castles or inflatable paddling pools which can easily be picked up at places like Tesco. The Despicable Me Bop Bag is another great blow-up toy that you simply inflate, fill the base with water, and then let the children punch to their heart’s content – this also makes the ideal exercise toy for interior or exterior use.

A robotic pet
Kids love getting creative and one of the latest gadgets to help keep little hands and minds busy is the 14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit. This high-tech but inexpensive toy comes in pieces, but can be built into a moving dog, crab or car. The unit is solar powered, so batteries are not required to keep this robotic toy on the go.

The music option
If there’s one thing that will keep the children entertained, if not quiet, for hours, it’s a musical instrument. A mini-guitar or xylophone set or even (if you can take the noise) a junior drum set, is the best way to get kids to take an interest in music. There’s always the option of going for the quieter units such as a recorder or a flute, and this could become a lifelong passion.

Drop some subtle hints to find a toy that would most appeal to your child, or simply ask for that wish list – they’ll have a long list ready for your perusal.

Images by shaun wong and Elephi Pelephi used under the Creative Commons license

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