Five Gift Ideas for the Cash-Strapped Mommy

Child Clothes
If a friend or family is expecting a child and is short on money, you may be wondering what gift would be appropriate. After all, you don't want to get her items that won't be useful. Here are some gift ideas that nearly every mom will need and use.

Cloth Diapers. Even if the mom-to-be will be using disposable diapers the majority of the time, having some cloth on hand is great for emergencies. They also make excellent burp clothes and, when the child grows out of diapers altogether, dusting rags. A handful of cloth diapers will never go to waste.

Receiving Blankets. Much like cloth diapers, receiving blankets have a wealth of uses. They are good for wrapping up tiny ones or for use as a changing pad. They're also excellent for tossing over the car seat handle to create a small tent for the walk to the car, especially in bad weather.

6-12 Month Clothing. People have a tendency to inundate a new mom with newborn-sized clothing, but babies grow quickly. Gift her some onesies and outfits for the larger size so she won't have to buy an entire wardrobe once her baby starts to grow too large for newborn sizes.

A Nice Outfit for Pictures. While most baby clothing can be found for just a few dollars a piece, cute outfits for picture taking can be pricey. If you're feeling generous, Phillies baby clothes for the baseball fan or an Eagles outfit for the football fan will be a welcome gift. Sports-themed outfits even come in more feminine version for little girls, making for some adorable pictures!

Large Amounts of Wipes. Wipes are a never-ending expense with children. Not only are they used for diaper changes, but they make excellent nose wipes and hand wipes. For best results, choose scent-free and get them in a resealable container. Big-box stores sell them in enormous quantities for low prices. Just make sure the mom-to-be has adequate storage space if you're going to gift her a large amount.

A new baby is always reason to celebrate with gifts. If the mom-to-be is on a tight budget, these gifts can help ease the financial burden and give her items she will definitely use.

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