Family Travel: FatKats Pizzeria Review in Georgetown, Kentucky

We venture off on a lot of road trips from our little corner of the world in Central Ohio.  Sometimes, road trip dining has a way of presenting challenges for families.  One of our girls is a little (okay...extremely) picky about food choices and we try to visit local restaurants rather than chains during our travels.  On a recent trip to Lexington, Kentucky--by way of Louisville from Ohio--we opted to spend the night in Georgetown, Kentucky.  I LOVE the historical homes of Georgetown--so this trip let us wander through the streets lined with old homes and visit an "extra" city en route to our destination.  We arrived in Georgetown just in time for dinner--and the husband had scouted out a local pizza place and had even decided our meal before we arrived.  What was our review of FatKats Pizzeria in Georgetown, Kentucky?

The location of FatKats Pizzeria was convenient and offered easy access.  FatKats Pizzeria was minutes from our Georgetown hotel--and, I will admit, I was amazed by the large parking area.  Sometimes, smaller family-owned restaurants share busy strip mall parking or have on-the-street parking--so it was nice to find the restaurant easily and park with no trouble at all.

FatKats Pizzeria was larger than we expected--and offered a comfortable, small-town feel.  My biggest hesitation in heading out to an unknown "pizza place" is always that I worry about seating.  We did not want to order a carryout pizza to eat on the hotel desk--and I didn't want to "dine-in" if the restaurant was designed for carryout.  Rest assured--this is an actual sit-down, restaurant with a fairly large dining room and ample seating for even a dinner crowd.  Additionally--there were probably more locals than out-of-town-visitors dining during our visit.  That's always a really good sign that we have made a good dinner decision!  Families were talking from table to table, the atmosphere was lively--but, not too loud, the televisions were tuned to sporting events--but, they weren't overpowering.  It was a  casual atmosphere for the family--with fun, brightly colored murals on the wall and a relaxed atmosphere.

How was the service at FatKats Pizzeria in Georgetown, Kentucky?  "Did she call me baby?"  I had to laugh when my husband asked that after one of our server's visits to our table.  Um.  Yes.  She called him baby--more than once--and our drinks never went without refills, she knew the gas stations near our hotel, and she talked to our girls as though they were 

How was the food at FatKats Pizzeria in Georgetown, Kentucky?  The restaurant had a lot of menu options--but, the husband had chosen to order The Gonzo pizza without hesitation.

The Gonzo 
Pepperoni, sausage, onion, green olives, mushrooms, bell peppers, banana peppers & cheese.

Had we not been visiting with the kids--I would have opted for the KY Hot Brown Pizza or the Ballpark Pizaa....or something with spinach...they actually had some unique pizza combinations on the menu!

The girls loved both the pizza sauce AND the crust.  That is a bit of an accomplishment for any pizza served to our girls as one child hates tomatoes (yes...exactly) and both are not crust fans in general.  The toppings and cheese hit near enough to the edges on their pieces (my husband and I took the two bubbled "crusty" slices) that they ate the entire slices of pizza!  The pizza was loaded with toppings--and we demolished a large pizza after a very early lunch/brunch and a full day of activity.

Our final thoughts on FatKats Pizzeria in Georgetown, Kentucky?  Would we recommend FatKats Pizzeria?  It's a laid back, family friendly pizza place with a lot of menu choices, friendly service and good quality food.  It's not an upscale dining experience--but, if you are looking for a little downtime and good pizza--this may be a hit with your family.  It was a hit with our family.  I am trying to figure out how I missed the Bourbon Milkshake--but, I did--so do pay attention when they offer up the grown-up drink menus!

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Disclosure:  We were not compensated for this review.  We just had a nice experience and wanted to share it with our readers!  If you have a favorite restaurant that we should review, email us!  We have a lot of travel planned in the Midwest, Atlantic, and Southern U.S. over the next several months!

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