10 Practical (and Unique) Gifts for the Labor Day Party Hostess

My family has been the designated Labor Day Party hosts in our little corner of the world for many years.  Partly, I'm sure, because we have a pool in our backyard--and partly because, after hosting everything from preschool parties to Halloween parties and full Thanskgiving dinners--we have hosting Labor Day cookouts and parties down to a science!  While I love and treasure any gift I receive from friends and family--I have put together a list of 10 practical (and unique) gifts for the Labor Day party hostess that she is sure to adore!

Magnetic Wine Charms

I have had various friends make adorable wine charms for stemmed wine glasses over the years--but, we use a lot of stemless glasses these days and those won't work anymore!  These magnetic wine charms and markers let us use our favorite glasses--and allow our guests to keep track of their drinks!  I love the plain crystal charms--but, these come in all sorts of shapes, styles and themes!

Kitchen Towel and Oven Mitt Sets

If your hostess spends a lot of time in her kitchen; she probably goes through a lot of kitchen towels, pot holders and oven mitts in a year's time!  Either choose a color to match her kitchen or choose something fun or seasonal for a change of pace.

Mozaic Products....Any of Them!

I was introduced to Mozaic disposal serving products a few years back--and I love them.  They look and feel more like "real" serving pieces--but, they are lightweight and disposable.  While I rarely use disposable products--there are certain occasions and events where clean up time is limited--or I want to offer serving pieces with a better appearance.  I love having sets of various Mozaic products stashed away in the pantry!  Even if I don't need them for the Labor Day gathering; I will likely use them during the holidays for school luncheons or work parties.

 An Apron

Don't laugh.  Even if your hostess is the furthest thing from June Cleaver; she may still appreciate an apron.  Especially a fun, colorful one that suits her personality!  After ruining one too many blouses in the kitchen; aprons became my go-to kitchen accessory.  I love getting new ones!

Something Personal

I am a huge fans of sites offering personalized gifts.  A personalized plaque or even a personalized set of wine glasses make for both a practical and a memorable gift.

Citronella Streamers or Candles

If you entertain outdoors a lot during warm weather evenings; you will probably need a mosquito repellent of some sort.  We use a lot of natural repellents--but, the occasional Cirtonella streamer or candle is welcomed on our deck!

Bento-Box Storage Containers

This one may not apply to your hostess--but, if she typically sends home party leftovers with her guests--then she would probably love to have a stash of containers at the ready!  Again--you don't want to seem like you are pleading for a "party-favor"--but, if you know that your host always struggles to find containers to send away leftovers--this is a practical hostess gift!  Even if she doesn't send leftovers home with the gifts--this will help her portion up those leftovers for family meals over the days following the party!

Labor Day Scrapbook

Offer an expensive, blank scrapbook--and an assortment of themed papers, stickers, and embellishments to allow your host to create a memory book of the event.  Or--take a ton of party photos and create a personalized photo book from a photo sharing site to surprise the hostess after the party!

A Candle Set

Again--this may depend on your hostess and her preferences--but, candles are nice way to offer a bit of relaxation and joy after the end of a busy party-filled weekend.

Kitchen Soap 

Your hostess likely washed her hands hundreds of times while preparing your party!  Giving her a fancy, scented, gift soap for the kitchen makes a lovely hostess gift.

No matter the hostess gift you choose; your hostess will simply love sharing the holiday with you and her other family and friends!  

Have a wonderful Labor Day holiday! 

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